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7 Key Ways to Attract the Life You Want

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The Law of Attraction means that like is attracted unto like.
If we can align our vibration with what we truly desire, then 
we can attract anything that we want into our lives. Attracting 
what we want is actually quite a subtle process.

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Written By:     Julie Plenty
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7 Key Ways to Attract the Life You Want
Copyright © 2006 Julie Plenty
Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction means that like is attracted unto like.  If 
we can align our vibration with what we truly desire, then we can 
attract anything that we want into our lives.   Attracting what 
we want is actually quite a subtle process.

In fact I see using the Law of Attraction consciously as creating 
the spaces to attract what you truly desire and here are 7 ways 
to enable that process and make it much more easy and effortless 
for you (as long as you get out of your own way) to attract the 
life you want.

1. Know that you are a Creator

........and become a Conscious one.  Most of us operate as though 
we are victims of circumstance, powerless over what happens to 
us.  We are always creating our situations and circumstances, but 
it is often unconscious and we are not harnessing our innate 
power to create the lives we want. But once this is realised (and 
more importantly, acted upon), this is completely liberating.

2. Know Your Values

Values are represent who we are and what defines us.  They are 
our blueprint. 

When we understand what our values are then it is much easier to 
to live an authentic.  Values are what drives us and provide us 
with energy and motivation - whether we are aware of them or not. 
If you set goals (by no means mandatory incidentally), ensure 
that they are aligned and fully congruent with your values. 
Uncover your values first and set goals to suit.   You're much 
more likely to achieve them.

3. Harness and Focus Your Energy

This is pivotal.  It's more difficult to attract what you desire 
in life if you're constantly tired and fatigued.  The Law of 
Attraction means that you'll attract more of the same.  And it's 
hard to receive what the Universe wants to give you if you are 
out of the office firefighting all the time.  Learn to identify 
what gives you energy and what drains you.  Your diet, 
environment, level of self care, the people you mix with (beware 
of energy vampires!) all influence your level of energy. 
Energetic techniques and processes like EFT and Reiki will help 
clear your energy blockages.

4. Use Your Intuition

Your intuition is your internal Guidance Protection System.  It 
is that quiet voice which alerts you to opportunities and keeps 
you out of danger. When I follow my intuition, things have a 
habit of going well and when I don't, they go awry.  Intuition 
finds it hard to be heard if you're stressed and tired, but if 
you plug those energy leaks (see no 3), you will allow your 
intuitive voice to be heard.  Take notice of it.

5. Release Resistance

We often get in our own way in blocking what we want.  And one of 
the ways in which we do this is by resisting and refusing to let 
go of old thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and even desires.  It 
often manifests itself in "busyness" (so you don't have time to 
think!), inflexibility and "shoulding" on yourself.  Set your 
intention to evaluate your beliefs and ask if they still serve 
you well.  If not, then you know what to do.

6. Be here now

Enjoy the present moment.  The Power of Now.  Because that is all 
there is.  Free yourself from the weight of the past or dread of 
the future.  Practice mindfulness and be in each moment. 
Schedule downtime for yourself every day, to give your 
brain/body/spirit a chance to breathe.  Keep a 
gratitude/appreciation journal to help you focus on the abundance 
that you have right here, right now.

7. Design supportive environments

Personal Growth is called Personal Growth for a reason.  We are 
continually growing and evolving, but our physical environments 
often remain the same.  If our physical environment is not 
working for us then one of the symptoms is of trying and 
efforting too hard, for little return.  It is like planting our 
seeds on barren ground.  It doesn't always necessitate a move -
just a recognition that some of our "stuff" that we hang onto is 
holding us back.

Attracting what we want into our lives is as much a process of 
letting go as it is actively pursuing what we want.  In fact 
going after our goals with a vengeance can be counterproductive. 
Effort doesn't always equal productivity or outcome.  In fact the 
amount of effort can often seem disproportional to the actual 

Get out of your own way and use any of the above tools to help 
you attract the life you want.

Julie Plenty helps creative people achieve their goals using 
the Law of Attraction and authentic and inspired goal setting. 
Read more articles on how to make the Law of Attraction work 
for you by visiting:



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