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How to Obtain a Good Muscle to Fat Ratio

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Many health and fitness articles in major magazines and on the
web refer to the "Muscle to Fat" Ratio of the body. Maintaining
this ratio in the proper proportions is essential to keeping the
body fit. But exactly what is the Muscle to Fat Ratio?

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Written By:     Kamau Austin
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How to Obtain a Good Muscle to Fat Ratio
Copyright © 2006 Kamau Austin, All Rights Reserved
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Many health and fitness articles in major magazines and on the
web refer to the 'Muscle to Fat' Ratio of the body. Maintaining
this ratio in the proper proportions is essential to keeping the
body fit. But exactly what is the Muscle to Fat Ratio? Simply put
it is the numerical balance between the body's muscle mass and
adipose fat tissue. This ratio is out of balance when there is
too much fat or too little muscle.

An increase in the amount of fat leads to various chronic
diseases like diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, obesity,
arteriosclerosis, gallstones, etc. Therefore it is important to
stay in the normal range of the muscle to fat ratio so as to stay
fit, maintain the appropriate BMI (Basic Metabolic Rate) and to
maintain the other processes of the body & mind.

Body fat is measured in many ways, such as bioelectrical
impedance, skin fold treatment, hydrostatic weighing tanks, and
infrared interactance. Once the amount of fat has been
calculated, it is important to bring it down if it is too high.

There are many ways to bring the fat ratio down. Cutting back on
fattening foods, and becoming "calorie conscious" works for some
people, while others prefer to use a low-carb, high-protein

Leafy green vegetables, and fish are more or less universally
accepted, regardless of the weight-loss diet you undertake. And
they help to build health muscle mass.

Daily workouts can help bring the fat level down & also increase
the muscle mass. Working out does not necessarily mean one has to
join a gym. Simple exercises can be done at home with free weight
and walking providing the basis of your at-home workout.

Yoga is also an excellent form of exercise.  A regular yoga
session can definitely help bring the body in shape & also
balance the muscle fat ratio. Regular jogging or running,
skipping, aerobics can help in burning the fat. Also, sports like
swimming, football, basketball, etc. can help in gaining of

Any morning exercise session should be preceded or followed by a
healthy breakfast. Products containing saturated fats & oils
should be avoided.  You can also schedule exercise throughout
your day with a 10 minute walk, following lunch or dinner.

To build muscle mass protein intake should be increased. Foods
such as milk, eggs, fish, and poultry can help gain 'protein' or
muscle mass.

Muscle and strength training, through the use of free weights and
weight machines, can dramatically improve your muscle to fat
ratio.  Large muscle groups must be exercised on a schedule which
allows for at least one day of rest between workouts.  It is
important to let the muscles fully recover after a workout.  To
speed recovery times and enhance the benefits of your workouts
you can use products such as MegaTropin™ from
which are shown to help users recover quicker and actually gain
more strength and better training results from their workouts.

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