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FINDING YOUR NATURAL WEIGHT: Three Secrets You Want to Know

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Dieting and strategies focused on "losing" weight conjure up 
thoughts of eating less, hunger, and deprivation. More often 
than not, they are fleeting and unsuccessful in the long run.

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Written By:     Kelly Hayford, C.N.C.
Copyright:      2006
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FINDING YOUR NATURAL WEIGHT: Three Secrets You Want to Know
Copyright © 2006 Kelly Hayford, C.N.C.
Award-winning author, "If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!"

Factoid: In America today, over 64% of the population is 
overweight, 27% of which are classified as obese. In the 
last 20 years, the rate of obesity has doubled for children 
and tripled for teens. 

Dieting and strategies focused on "losing" weight conjure up 
thoughts of eating less, hunger, and deprivation. More often 
than not, they are fleeting and unsuccessful in the long run. 

A wiser, more effective approach is to think about finding your 
natural weight. Concentrate on satisfying and nourishing your 
body with foods and lifestyle habits that create an overall state 
of well-being and thereby, gaining health, energy and vitality. 

This is a multi-faceted process that may take time. Following 
are three things you may not know that can help: 

1 ~ Drinking just one soda or sweetened beverage per day can 
increase the risk for obesity in children by 60%, according 
to a study cited in the Lancet. Needless to say, reducing 
or eliminating your sweetened beverage consumption can be 
tremendously helpful in finding and maintaining your natural 

But don't look to diet drinks that contain artificial 

2 ~ Aspartame the chemical component of most artificial 
sweeteners such as Nutra-Sweet, should also be avoided. Contrary 
to popular belief, there is nothing "diet" about these toxic 
sweeteners. Aspartame is addictive and causes people who consume 
it to crave junk, snack foods and more artificially sweetened 
foods and beverages. 

Unfortunately, it has been increasingly added to processed foods 
in recent years, despite the fact that it is the number one most 
complained about substance to the FDA. This neurotoxin was once 
banned in Japan and other countries due to its health risks. It 
is not a food, it is a harmful chemical best avoided by all. 

3 ~ MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a weight-causing flavor 
enhancer you'll also want to avoid. Like Aspartame, it is a 
neuro-transmitter that affects the hunger and weight control 
centers of the brain causing those who eat it to crave more 
food. That's why food manufacturers put it in their products 
- it keeps you coming back for more! 

MSG is actually fed to laboratory animals to fatten them up for 
research without increasing their food intake. 

This neurotoxin has also been increasingly added to foods over 
the last few years and is now contained in the majority of 
processed, packaged foods on the market today. Disguised under a 
host of different names, MSG has never been approved by the FDA, 
and can best be avoided by eating mostly whole, fresh, natural 
foods and health food brands that do not contain chemical 

In addition to weight gain, MSG and Aspartame are associated with 
many other conditions, including migraine headaches, fatigue, 
depression, seizures, brain fog, ADD, and more. 


To learn more about these harmful and unnecessary toxic food 
additives, read "Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills," by Russell 

To learn more about our popular food culture and how to create a 
healthier eating lifestyle, read "If It's Not Food, Don't Eat 
It!: The No-Nonsense Guide to an Eating-for-Health Lifestyle." 

Don't fall victim to food- and diet-industry propaganda. Educate 
and empower yourself so you can find your natural weight -- look, 
feel and be your best!

Kelly Hayford, C.N.C., is the award-winning author of 
"If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!" As a former junk food 
junkie turned nutrition and health coach she has helped 
thousands reverse dis-ease, and restore their health, 
energy and natural weight. For tips, talks and teleclasses 
on healthy eating and holistic self-care, visit: or call 303.746.8970



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