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Everybody Wants To Rule The World 

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While watching the news on TV in a typical ritualistic manner, 
I couldn't help but notice an underlying theme in the daily 
bombardment of bad news of "out of control fires" - in the formg 
of global terrorism and chronic conflicts around the globe.

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Written By:     Geela
Copyright:      2004-2006
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Everybody Wants To Rule The World 
Copyright © 2004-2006 Geela
Author of "The American Dream"

Quote of the day: "And in the end, we will preserve only what 
   we love.  We will love only what we understand.  We will 
   understand only what we are taught." 

While watching the news on TV in a typical ritualistic manner, 
I couldn't help but notice an underlying theme in the daily 
bombardment of bad news of "out of control fires" - in the formg 
of global terrorism and chronic conflicts around the globe.

Global terrorism and social unrest are only symptomatic of 
something much deeper, namely, a moral crisis characterized by 
a battle between good (defined as high awareness and living in 
harmony with universal laws characterized by integrity, giving 
and the honoring of all living things) and evil (defined as 
compromised integrity, corruption and lack of respect for the 
sanctity of life).  It is easy to see the truth that the pursuit 
of power and control is the driving force behind global 
terrorism.  This war is fueled by religious and political leaders 
who feel they have monopoly over the truth and knowing God, and 
will stop at nothing even if it means using the name of God as a 
license to kill.  Simply put, everybody wants to rule the world 
in the spirit of "it's either my way or no way," reinforcing the 
golden rule – he with the most gold, rules. However, the pursuit 
of power, which is perpetuated by the media, is seen both on the 
individual and global level alike.  It's particularly evident in 
political campaigns where winning at all costs is the name of the 
game and therefore everything is fair game. 

The pursuit of power, which can be inherently very intoxicating, 
has always played a central role in the history of human affairs. 
Perhaps it's human nature to seek an edge in order to not only 
survive but also thrive in the jungles of life.  Yet power, like 
money, in and of itself is not evil, nor is the passion to posses 
power.  It's only when the obsession with power and winning is 
unleashed, and universal laws are ignored, that erosion in 
morality is inevitable and absolute power invariably corrupts 
absolutely, which ultimately leads to failing systems and 
institutions, conflicts and wars. That's because when power is 
not used as a useful tool to make a difference, it becomes as 
fleeting as it is cruel.  The history of human affairs is full of 
stories of individuals, and empires alike, that rose and fell 
precisely because in the pursuit of power they violated not only 
the laws of man but more importantly the ultimate laws from which 
no one is exempt, namely, universal laws that demand integrity 
and respect for the sanctity of life. 

It's the pursuit of false power, coupled with a disconnect from 
our spiritual roots and the failure to see the unity in life, 
that leads to senseless violence.  Every senseless act of 
violence only reminds us that, while we have become giants in 
technology, we are by-in-large still mental midgets. The problem 
is magnified when advanced technology and sophisticated deadly 
weapons don't match the level of awareness and integrity of those 
who handle them.  In other words, we have the knowledge, but we 
lack the wisdom to control our technologies.  Power without 
control, wisdom and integrity is the formula for disaster.  It's 
been said that those who know most, fear most because they have 
the ability to see beyond the surface level, see the "big 
picture" and how everything is connected.  They also know that 
humanity has never had weapons that they did not use (after all, 
they have to justify the cost and the temptation to resort to a 
"quick fix" as a solution to a complicated conflict is simply too 
great).  That's why it's safe to assume that this time around it 
won't be any different, unless something dramatic happens on a 
major scale (change in our way of thinking and doing things).

Living in a time where chaos is the order of the day, the global 
community finds itself on a collision course with destiny, 
suspended between fear and hope, evolution and revolution.   But 
the constant flirting with dangerous weapons only accelerates 
the process of sinking into a spiritual/moral black hole due 
to a loss of control and inevitable consequences of total mass 
destruction of civilization as we know it.  It's obvious that the 
fate of our destiny will be determined by the actions we'll take 

While killing under limited circumstances may be necessary, it 
nevertheless poisons and stains the heart and soul.  However, 
there is no glory in pain and destruction.  Since it's much 
easier to destroy than to build, the challenge becomes very real. 
You can die at any time, but it takes true courage to live.

It's only when we understand the distinction between real and 
false power, can we hopefully make better choices in order 
to experience life fully with purpose, meaning, inner peace, 
fulfillment, real joy and self-worth while living in harmony with 
the world around us.  While real power, which is driven by power 
of love, empowers others and is expansive by nature, false power, 
which is driven by love of power, overpowers others and is 
restrictive by nature. Ultimately one leads to destruction 
and chaos while the other to construction and prosperity. 

So here is a condensed guideline for identifying true power:

* True power, which is characterized by integrity, giving, and 
the honoring of all living things, has the ability to see the 
unity in all living things.  When a high vision is aligned with 
universal laws, real, constructive power is inevitable and easily 

* Knowledge is true power, but only when used correctly as a tool 
to make a difference.  

* True power is aligned with our spiritual essence (remember we 
are spiritual beings experiencing the human experience and not 
the other way around). Therefore, everything we do is spirit-
filled and spirit-directed. 

* True power seeks to reconnect us with our spiritual roots – the 
foundation of our existence and true prosperity.  

* True power seeks to build and embrace positive concepts of 
morality, integrity, spirituality and a wholesome values system, 
all of which give us access to the unlimited positive power that 
builds and creates total prosperity. 

* True power builds and creates in a win-win spirit, helping you 
make a living while making a difference.  

* True power does not fall victim to the misconception that 
external riches have the power to give us internal riches of 
meaning, purpose, inner peace, fulfillment, real joy and self-

* True power, which recognizes the spirit that connects us all, 
recognizes that diversity is the mosaic of life that needs to be 
celebrated.  It brings people together by going beyond 
superficial boundaries of color, race and religion.

* True power heals, transcends pain and transforms, especially 
during uncertain times. 

* True power inspires people to become somebody's hero and be the 
change they wish to see in the world, thus giving meaning and 
purpose to their existence.  

* True power creates real joy and inner peace that comes from 
helping others become a magnet of real joy and total prosperity.  

* True power is synonymous with high vision, hope, purpose and 

Anything short of that is false power, a power which is short-
lived and meaningless in the scheme of all creation. 

Perhaps it's time to draw a line in the sand, declare your 
freedom from false beliefs and mind control by others who may not 
have your best interests at heart and reclaim your own true and 
unlimited power that's  waiting to express itself positively. Or 
perhaps it's time to think of ourselves as citizens of the world 
and come together, if only for the sake of the next generation 
whose future should not be unfairly stolen from them. In the 
final analysis, only when the power of love overcomes the love 
of power, and superficial barriers such as race, religion and 
ignorance are removed, can we finally hope to experience true 
inner and outer peace and harmony, healing and total prosperity.

Since every crisis carries with it the seed for equal or greater 
opportunity for growth, the pursuit of power and control 
disguised as global terrorism and political games, may actually 
be a golden opportunity for a true re-birth and resurrection of 
the human spirit as a human family working in a new and promising 
direction united by the spirit that connects us all.  The real 
salvation for preserving a free and thriving society is not by 
developing more sophisticated and deadly weapons (what good 
does it do if you win but you are dead in an ocean of mass 
destruction?), but rather through increased awareness and 
knowledge.  Likewise, since the real battle is the battle within, 
in our way of thinking, the ultimate power we seek is not "out 
there" but rather is already within. All we have to do is 
recognize it and use it wisely for purposes of good, or face the 
consequences of abusing and misusing it.  As I keep reminding my 
daughter (whenever she is tempted to violate the rules), "I did 
not create the world..."

Copyright © 2004-2006, Geela
Author of "The American Dream" 

Geela is an award winning singer/songwriter/composer and author 
of the best-selling book "THE AMERICAN DREAM," her true- life 
story of how she came to America as a young immigrant with 
nothing and overcame incredible obstacles to achieve 
mega-success. She founded ONE SPIRIT, ONE WORLD to help 
children and promote a culture of peace and harmony. Get a 
free sample of her music and her book at



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