Article Title: [Correction] Commitment Relies Upon More Than Just Fancy Words

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Article Title:
Commitment Relies Upon More Than Just Fancy Words

Article Description:
How often have you asked someone to do something and they agreed, 
only to leave you fluttering in the wind? I cannot tell you how 
often I have been left out to dry by my own friends.

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Commitment Relies Upon More Than Just Fancy Words
Copyright © 2006 Terry Sparing
Exercise Your Free Will

How often have you asked someone to do something and they agreed, 
only to leave you fluttering in the wind? I cannot tell you how 
often I have been left out to dry by my own friends.

In business, it is not nearly as common, but it does still 

If you are in the business of sales, it likely happens to you 
more than it happens to people in everyday living. Your 
prospective customer says, "Sure, I would be interested." And 
then, when it comes time to transact the deal, they are 
unreachable by phone or visit. 

People of older generations have a phrase that they use quite 
often, "A man is only as good as his word." In their lives, words 
mean things. And the man who cannot keep his word is a worthless 
man indeed. 

Divorce Rates In America Shows The Lip Service Paid To Commitment

The actual divorce rates in America are part of the legacy of 
urban legends. A number is dropped into the press and from that 
day forward, everyone believes the lie to be the truth. Americans 
have been told since the 1970's, shortly after the introduction 
of no-fault divorces, that the divorce rate in the United States 
was 50%. 

If I would take a couple of paragraphs to show you the flaws in 
the statistical analysis, I could show you that the divorce rate 
in America is closer to 0.8%, rather than the often-quoted 50%. 
But, this article is not about divorce, so I will move on. The 
research on this subject is available on the internet. If you 
want to know these numbers for yourself, you can take a stroll 
through the real figures and learn the real truth for yourself.

Roughly .8% of all people who say, "until death do us part... " 
did not commit themselves to their promise.

The dictionary defines commitment as, "The state of being bound 
emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another 
person or persons."

The state of being "bound" or "tied" to following through on a 
promise that you make...  That is commitment. Bailing out prior 
to the transaction or within five years of the marriage does not 
bode well for the person who had failed to follow through on 
their commitment. 

Fancy Words Do Not Excuse Bad Behavior

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica 
Lewinsky." --- Bill Clinton (1998)

Bill Clinton was not the first to try to split hairs with his 
words. He only has the unique distinction of being the first to 
do so as famously. Honestly, I did not even need to tell you who 
said those words...  We all already knew. 

"That is not what I meant. What I meant to say was... "

How many times have you heard that phrase? 

"When I told you that I would be interested in hearing more about 
the program you are promoting, what I meant to say was that I was 
interested in telling you whatever it would take to make you go 

Now that is honesty. That kind of honesty is rare in America 

Most people who tell you that they would be interested in hearing 
about your opportunity would have been more honest to say that 
they are interested in having more money to spend. But, they are 
not necessarily interested in learning how they could make their 
desire a reality. 

Getting Past Human Nature

As an individual, it is entirely a matter of your personal 
integrity. Do not make promises that you do not intend to keep. 

As an individual, it is entirely up to you to make that 
intellectual and emotional commitment to what you want to achieve 
in this world. Signing up in a network-marketing program will not 
be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Unless you make 
the personal commitment to yourself to take the opportunity 
presented to you, and to turn it into financial freedom, then you 
are simply wasting your own time and the time of those who are 
present to support your goals.

As a network marketer, it is important for you to realize that 
not everyone will make the commitment they need to make to their 
own success. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make 
him drink.

If the people you bring into your business do not make the 
commitment to themselves, then you should be careful of how much 
time and energy you commit to their success. You are better to 
invest your time and energy into people who are willing to make 
the commitment to themselves for improving their own lot in life. 

In Conclusion... 

As a network marketer, I understand the importance of having 
faith in others before they have faith in themselves. I 
understand the power of influencing others to have the confidence 
they need to find success in this world. 

I have always been willing to help those who help themselves. I 
can show them the way, and I am willing to help them find their 
way. Others have mentored me, and I will mentor others in the 
future. Mentoring is an important facet of network marketing 
programs. Helping others is part of the business model. 

But, for those who fail to bring commitment to the program, they 
will fail with or without my assistance. Commitment is the key to 
success in any endeavor in life. So, the two things that I always 
look for in people, is desire and commitment to a goal. 

Terry Sparing - Independent USANA Distributor
"Success Can Be Found in the Company You Keep"



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