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One-Minute Guide To Achieving Anything

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It's about that time when we start to forget what the heck we 
even resolved to do this not-so-new-anymore year. I see it around 
the office. People who had big goals, like quitting smoking, are 
starting to give up.

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Written By:     Russ Dalbey
Copyright:      2006
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One-Minute Guide To Achieving Anything
Copyright © 2006 Russ Dalbey
The Dalbey Wealth Institute

It's about that time when we start to forget what the heck we 
even resolved to do this not-so-new-anymore year. I see it around 
the office. People who had big goals, like quitting smoking, are 
starting to give up.

"Oh well... maybe next year."

NO! Give me a minute first.

Obviously, being the goal-oriented guy that I am, this kind of 
thing makes me a little angry. So, let me take a minute to stop 
your would-be abandonment of your resolution with a little bit of 

Listen - no matter how far you are from your resolution after a 
month and half, you DON'T have to give up. You just need to 

People ask me the same question all the time: "What's your secret 
to success?"

And let me tell you... the answer is really darn simple!

I plan to succeed.

It sounds simple, right? Yet it's often the most overlooked 
element to success. Since I caught you in time, you have a good 
chance to put that piece of advice on your New Years Resolutions 
- albeit just a little behind schedule. Here's the truth: Most 
people fail to follow through on New Year's resolutions for one 
of three reasons:

   The resolution isn't specific and measurable.
   The resolution is too extreme.
   They have no plan to succeed.

Let's look at those...

The Resolution Isn't Specific And Measurable

Too many people say things like "I resolve to lose some weight" 
or "I resolve to make more money." Good resolutions, but they 
leave too much open to interpretation. If you lose a pound, 
that's some weight, right? If you get a $50 bonus at work, that's 
some money, right? Make your resolutions - which are really just 
goals - specific. "I resolve to lose 10 pounds by June 1" or "I 
resolve to make $100 extra each month beginning in April."

(HINT: For even better results, make your resolution POSITIVE. 
For example, "I will run in the big 10K race this May" is better 
than "I will lose 10 pounds." Why? Because it gives you something 
to strive for - and a reward. Negative goals are HARD to fulfill 
because you're focusing on depriving yourself of something 
instead of rewarding yourself.)

The Resolution Is Too Extreme

When we set a goal and fail, we feel bad. This can discourage us 
from moving forward. Break things up into manageable pieces. "I 
resolve to be a millionaire this year" is perhaps a good goal if 
you already have $975,000 in the bank. But it may not be 
attainable for many of us. Perhaps a better goal would be "I 
resolve to open a new savings account and have a $2,500 balance 
by December 31." Challenge yourself, but don't set unreasonable 

They Have No Plan To Succeed

This is the biggest problem of all. Sometimes I get the chance to 
talk to people who purchased one of our courses but never built a 
business. When I ask them why, it usually comes down to "I just 
didn't do it." You have to have a plan to succeed, even if you 
start small. If you want to write a book, plan to write at least 
15 minutes each day. Before long, you'll have page after page 
completed. Big projects - and resolutions for that matter - don't 
get completed in one day. You have to plan to work toward your 
goal each and every day.

Try these three simple steps with one of your New Year's 
resolutions (or any other goal you may have) and I think you'll 
be surprised at the results.

Russ Dalbey

As the CEO and founder of The Dalbey Wealth Institute, Russ 
Dalbey has authored dozens of best-selling books and articles 
on the cash flow business. A highly sought-after public speaker 
on the topics of wealth, success, and personal motivation, 
he is a self made, self-educated multi-millionaire.
The Dalbey Wealth Institute:



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