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Defend Your Mission

Article Description:
When a business seems to have difficulty getting started,
now is the time to take a very detailed walk through of the
entire psychology of what it's doing and why it's doing
things the thing it does.

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Written By:     Andy Cooper
Copyright:      2006
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Defend Your Mission
Copyright © 2006 Andy Cooper
Marketers Ecards

When a business seems to have difficulty getting started,
now is the time to take a very detailed walk through of the
entire psychology of what it's doing and why it's doing
things the thing it does. Let's start with the entire basis
for marketing in the first place. In other words, what are
we trying to accomplish? 

What exactly are we trying to accomplish when we market?
You see, if we truly understand what we are trying to
accomplish, we have a million times better chance to
actually get what we want. 

When you think about it, there can be several different
options on what the desired result of any marketing can be.
They can be things like:

1. Selling a product or service. 
2. Making appointments. 
3. Getting people to come into your place of business 
4. Getting people to let you come over to their house 
5. Bringing telephone calls to you. 
6. Having prospects take your calls. 
7. Enticing prospects to receive a report. 
8. Getting them to come to a seminar, etc.

And, with this variety of possibilities, comes a
corresponding array of methods to consider in order to get
the results we want. And there is no right or wrong
answers. Only right or wrong ways to find the answers. 

That's what this breakdown is all about. How to find the
answers. The answers that will allow the most efficient and
cost-effective marketing that works for you and your

You see, many of us still don't know what we are trying to
accomplish. Yes, that's true. What I mean by that is, we
make mistakes over and over again. Mistakes that come from
not knowing what we are trying to do.

Mistakes that cause marketing efforts to be frustrating and
unproductive, because we don't understand the mission. It's
like being sent out with some weights on our wings and not
being quite sure -- what we are supposed to do with them.

Should we drop them, or pretend to drop them, or threaten
to drop them just to fly better? See, for most of us in
business, we think that we have a mission of selling
products and services to generate income. We've been
brainwashed to think of our job as that of a "Money

This is the incorrect way and it's stinking thinking. After
all, if selling products or services was so easy, why are
so many of us not making anywhere near the income we should
be? Let's establish one fact: Selling products or services,
and getting repeat customers should be your mission!

See, we all make the mistake of thinking that our mission
is selling. This mindset is similar to a fisherman thinking
that their mission is to eat fish. No! Their mission is to
catch fish first, which will allow them to eat all the fish
they want. And, your mission is to get customers first,
which will allow you to have them buy or sell all the
products and services you want.

In today's totally skeptical society, if you go after the
"sale" too soon, you will suffer. It is the fastest,
easiest, least threatening way to make more money than ever
before. See, this is your mission. To get people to
respond, to make appointments, to become customers, to buy
your products or services.

Getting customers in the first place is the name of the
game. When your marketing machine is running full speed,
all you should care about is getting new customers and
selling more products or services to them, and the
referrals they bring in.

When you get new customers, like a clock ticking away the
hours, and you know what your average dollars per customer
are, then you won't care about one buyer or another,
because your marketing machine is taking care of you.

For example, let's say you know that an average customer is
worth $2,000 in revenue. And if you know that one out of
every five customers will push you aside at some point,
then you'll make $8,000 for every five customers you get.

And let's also say that your are in sales, and you know
that you close one out of every two prospective customers.
So, if you need five customers a month, you need to see ten
of them a month. And if your marketing machine is rolling
along, providing you with your ten responses a month from
new people, then you're home free.

Why? Because you won't ever be tempted again to try and
pressure or "close" anyone. You'll be simply meeting with
your ten people, listening to them, closing your 50%, and
making your substantial income.

You won't care if this buyer or that buyer does or doesn't
do anything. You know your numbers. The same would be true
if you have a retail business. Here you would run an ad or
a promotion. Let's say you get 30 people to respond to
your report. Out of those 30 people, let's say 15 decide to
come into your store and do business with you. Here once
again, you have a predictable way of determining how many
people will do business with you. 

You know your numbers. You know your mission. Get customers, 
and the rest will take care of itself. As long as you know 
that your mission is to get customers, your business will 
greatly benefit from it.

Andy Cooper is the owner and operator of a successful
online business. Andy has over 25 years in corporate
business operations which include savvy marketing 
skills, customer service and Professional networking
abilities. Copyright © 2006



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