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You're Not an Elephant - Don't Settle For Peanuts!

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If you believe in the linear income model of "trade your time 
directly for money," no matter how much you earn per hour, day, 
week, month, or year, your earnings will always be limited by the 
number of hours you're willing or able to work.

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Written By:     Michael Duffey
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You're Not an Elephant - Don't Settle For Peanuts!
Copyright © 2006 Michael Duffey, All Rights Reserved
Rich Dad Six

Are you getting paid what you're worth?

If you believe in the linear income model of "trade your time 
directly for money," no matter how much you earn per hour, day, 
week, month, or year, your earnings will always be limited by the 
number of hours you're willing or able to work.

There is a better way!

Unfortunately we've been conditioned since birth to believe that 
getting a conventional education and finding a job or career is 
the only pathway to success.  But, you don't have to look far 
today to find many sad examples that disprove that theory. "Job 
Security" is a thing of the past and after decades of sincere 
effort, many more people retire near the poverty level than 
retire "financially independent."

As Napoleon Hill said in "Think and Grow Rich," - the most 
powerful personal development book I've ever read - "If you can 
conceive it, you can achieve it."  (I'd be happy to gift anyone 
with an email address an online version of that masterpiece. Just 
contact me and ask for it.)

Very few people understand that the business model for network 
marketing offers almost unlimited potential for anyone willing to 
learn and apply a few critical strategies that are the keys to 
success.  Because of these "3 Millionaire Secrets," some people 
on my team have created streams of ongoing passive recurring 
income of $5,000 - $10,000 per week - in less than 2 years!  Many 
others are delighted with monthly incomes in that range.

The important point to appreciate is this:  They could all walk 
away today and go travel the world, lay on a beach, or retire to 
a deserted island, and their income will still be coming to them 
10 years from now.  That's financial security!  And when they 
pass away, it will be there as an ongoing legacy to pass on to 
their children's children, other loved ones, or their favorite 

Is YOUR current financial plan doing as well?

If you're serious about LONG TERM significant income or financial 
security, it's critically important to understand the MLM 
business model.  Then you have to know how to pick the RIGHT 
company and the RIGHT compensation plan.  But, MLM compensation 
plans can be complicated and confusing.  Very few distributors or 
home-based entrepreneurs truly understand them, so they end up 
working for peanuts.  If you're not an elephant, don't settle for 

Below are THREE SIMPLE KEYS to understanding really GREAT 
compensation plans.

All compensation plans have some pros and cons, and we all have 
our favorites.  Different personalities are attracted to 
different plans.  And, depending on your personality type, some 
plans will be impossible for YOU to be successful with.  But 
that's another article.  If you have an interest, just ask me for 
more information on the "Four Colors to Success."

With the RIGHT company and compensation plan you do NOT have to 
be a "super-recruiter" to create lifelong financial security. 
All you have to do is learn and apply a few simple secrets.  Then 
just teach one other person like you who is willing to do the 
same.  Repeat this simple process a few times and watch the magic 

The BOTTOM LINE with comp plans should always be, "What kind of 
LONG TERM RESULTS will it produce for ME?" - not for the company. 
Many comp plans are deliberately designed to produce good results 
primarily for the company and a few "heavy hitters" at the top, 
not for the rank and file distributors.

Answering THREE SIMPLE QUESTIONS below is the best way to simply 
and accurately evaluate or compare ANY comp plan.  Many companies 
may do well in one area.  But the important KEY is to...

Find a company that does well in ALL THREE AREAS!

1) How many customers does it take (in your ENTIRE organization) 
to make "X" dollars/month - every month - whether you work or 

here folks, not "trade your time directly for money" or "make a 
quick one-time commission from a sale."  Understanding and 
applying this important principle is one of the "3 Millionaire 
Secrets" that allows you to spend your TIME doing whatever is 
important to you.

You have to fill in the "X" dollar amount above that is important 
or realistic FOR YOU.  It could be only $500 or $1,000?  But, 
using $10,000 as an example, there are great companies where you 
can earn $10,000/mo. with less than 400 people in your entire 
group.  There are others where you need 1000 - 2000 - 5000 or 

Using COMMON SENSE, if you understood this and everything else 
was equal, which would YOU choose?

Can you see how there could be HUGE difference in the EFFORT or 
TIME it may require for YOU and other members of your TEAM to 
reach a given dollar amount of income?  But, most distributors 
have never stopped to calculate this important number.

2) What percentage do you make on your own personal customer 

Customers are the lifeblood of any legitimate business.  Many 
shortsighted or "pseudo" network marketing companies and 
distributors ignore this crucial UNIVERSAL TRUTH and focus only 
on recruiting more distributors.  That business model will 
eventually "crash & burn" every time.

With the RIGHT company and compensation plan, some people who 
aren't interested in building a large organization, or aren't 
good at it, can still make a decent income just gathering 
customers.  But the company has to reward everyone fairly and 
offer incentives for customer acquisition.

Eliminating the unethical and usually illegal "money games" from 
this comparison, the best compensation plans with legitimate 
companies pay as much as 40-50% commissions on individual 
customer purchases - and still offer great value to their 
customers.  Others may pay LESS than 10 - 20%, and do not offer 
any better value to the customer.

If you're wondering how this is possible, I'd be happy to explain 
it.  Please contact me directly and I can send you information or 
point you to a website about successful "forward-thinking" and 
"streamlined" business models.

Again, can you see how a difference in just this one area can 
have a HUGE IMPACT on YOUR profit potential?  But once again, few 
distributors factor this important element into their decision-
making process.

3) What percentage of TOTAL VOLUME in your entire organization 
will you be paid?

In other words, if you added up all the products purchased by the 
people you introduced, and the people they introduced, and the 
people they introduced, ad infinitum, what would YOUR PERCENTAGE 
of that TOTAL VOLUME be in commissions?

Have you ever calculated this number for your current or previous 
favorite company?  It may be a shocker!

Some VERY good plans may pay in the 10 -15% range.  Some good 
ones may pay in the 5 -10% range.  Some of the really bad ones 
pay a lot less.  In some compensation plans much of the volume 
you SHOULD get paid on ends up outside your "pay leg."

Where does it go?  It usually flows to the company through 
something called "breakage."  Of course, every company has a 
"sales pitch" explaining why their comp plan is so great.  Using 
common sense and answering the 3 questions above will separate 
the wheat from the chaff.

The three numbers above are easy to calculate once you've started 
building in a company.  But they're not always easy to get 
beforehand.  Many distributors have no clue how important this 
simple information is and may have never given it much thought. 
Others may not be anxious to share the truth, and some may 
selectively skew their numbers to help "get you into their deal."

Can you see how knowing this information before you "marry" a 
company, could have a HUGE impact on YOUR personal profit 
potential and your happiness in that "marriage?"

Unfortunately, most distributors make emotional decisions to get 
involved with a company based on all the wrong reasons, instead 
of objective analysis of important facts.  Once a decision has 
been made, most people find ways to rationalize it rather than 
objectively consider the possibility they may have made a poor 
choice.  If you're an elephant it's easier to accept peanuts and 
fairy tales from your trainers than to risk stepping out of your 
comfort zone to see what's outside your cage.

There are several critical factors that go into making good 
business decisions. Great products are important, but they're not 
the only things.  The fact that your best friend is involved, or 
that the company has some celebrity endorsement, rarely has 
anything to do with making the best choice about YOUR future 
financial security.

Do your best to answer ALL THREE questions above before you join 
ANY company.  If you are in a company already, run ALL THREE 
NUMBERS ABOVE for yourself.  It may be GOOD NEWS or it may be 
BAD?  But, you need to know the truth.  Potential partners who 
are smart will be asking those hard questions.  Your HONEST 
answers WILL impact your business and your level of LONG TERM 

Although compensation plans are very important, they are only one 
of the "5 Pillars to Success."  If you have an interest in living 
your dreams or achieving uncommon lifelong success, I'll be happy 
to freely share important information on ALL "5 Pillars."  All 
you have to do is ask.

Wishing you lifelong... Good Health, Wealth, Financial Security, 
Happiness, and FREEDOM. 

Copyright Mar. 2006 by Michael K. Duffey - All rights reserved.  
No part of this may be copied or used IN ANY FORM, without the 
express WRITTEN consent of the author. 

Mike Duffey is a Success Coach, Small Business Consultant, and 
veteran network marketer.  He shares ALL his "Crystal Ball" 
secrets for LONG TERM success at:   He 
can be reached at his home office near Green Bay, Wisconsin at: 
715-758-7550 (8am-8pm CT) or at his 24hr Toll Free Msg. Center: 
877- 832 - 7487 (US & Canada only). His T.E.A.M. offers Generic 
FREE Coaching, Training, and Mentoring. FREE Coaching site is:   Invaluable FREE e-book written 
from 26 years of real life experience available at:   This one book can literally 
save you years of frustration or failure.



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