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Having Trouble Expressing Yourself Like Eminem? Send Flowers Instead

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You want to send a gift that expresses what you're thinking and 
feeling in the perfect way, but you're just not able to write a 
phrase with all the flair of an Eminem lyric. Don't worry-just 
think F.R.E.S.H.

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Written By:     Wesley Berry
Copyright:      2006
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Having Trouble Expressing Yourself Like Eminem? Send Flowers Instead
Copyright © 2006 Wesley Berry
Wesley Berry Flowers

You want to send a gift that expresses what you're thinking and 
feeling in the perfect way, but you're just not able to write a 
phrase with all the flair of an Eminem lyric. Don't worry-just 
think F.R.E.S.H.

F.R.E.S.H. is a way of thinking that professional floral designer 
and co-host of Discovery Channel's Surprise by Design recommends 
consumers adopt when considering flowers as a gift. The acronym 
stands for:

* Find Your Florist: Pick a florist that you click with in some 
way. You should feel confident and comfortable with the decisions 
your florist will help you make for any special occasion. If 
you're not sure where to turn when finding a florist, ask the 
people around you to recommend someone they've had particular 
success with.

* Research: Learn about what kinds of flowers are out there and 
available for arrangements. While your florist is the expert and 
can help you make decisions, if you send flowers frequently, 
you'll find that it's easier to personalize your gifts when you 
know the names of several flowers and a little about them. It's 
also helpful to know which flowers are currently in season.

* Evoke Emotion: You want your floral gift to have maximum 
emotional impact. One great way to do that is to personalize the 
gift using the recipient's favorite colors and flowers. You might 
even be able to further personalize the arrangement by adding a 
small gift related to the recipient's hobby or interests.

* Send a Surprise: When do you most like to receive a gift? Any 
time, right? And especially when it's not expected! That's true 
of most people, so flowers sent "just because" are sure to have 
an enormous impact.

* Have Confidence: When you choose flowers as a gift, you can be 
confident that you're sending a gift that will make the recipient 
smile and that he or she will remember for years to come. In 
fact, statistics show that 92 percent of women remember the last 
time they received flowers.

You don't have to be Eminem and have the ability to say what you 
mean in words. Flowers can say it for you! 

Wesley Berry is the President of Wesley Berry Flowers, 
a successful multi-million dollar business that was 
established in 1946. He is also the Headmaster of the 
Professional Florists' Institute, a floral design school 
located in Michigan. Visit Wesley Berry Flowers on the 
web at  



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