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Why Am I A Very Poor Man? Perhaps It's Your "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN!"

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Why am I a very poor man?"
Perhaps it's nothing more than a mindset issue, so let's
explore and find  out ... OKAY?

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Written By:     Douglas P Blackthrone
Copyright:      2006
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Why Am I A Very Poor Man? Perhaps It's Your "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN!"
Copyright © 2006 Douglas P Blackthrone
Intercontinental Buyer's Consortium (IBC)

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why am I a very poor man?"
Perhaps it's nothing more than a mindset issue, so let's
explore and find  out ... OKAY?

In business you must develop a Long Term Mind-set. Business
is a long term situation and you must have a Long Term
Mind-set. If you have a Short Term Mind-set you are not
going to become a business success. Short Term Mind-sets
are what you need simply to pass through the first phase of
business success which is the  Survival Phase. 

Over 95% of people who enter business of any kind be it
brick and mortar, Internet affiliate opportunity,
multi-level marketing opportunity or even a guided
franchise opportunity are not going to achieve business
success. They will leave or close down their business just
at the wrong time and most of the time this is done when
they are one hair away from becoming a business success.  

Nearly all eventually end up leaving or closing down their
business because of the exact same reason. They just do not
understand the Marketing Process. In short they
miscalculate the  difference between a Short Term Mind-set
and a Long Term Mind-set. In general most people will tell
you their business was not a success due to a lack of
money. Although since the inception, development and
offering of "Credit" all who will properly use that option
have literally had access to unlimited funding with which
to grow any business into a success. 

The true problem is that most people have "NO MIND-SET

They have no idea of what they are actually doing or of
what they are actually attempting to achieve. Here is where
we transcend the difference between a Short Term Mind-set
and a Long Term Mind-set. The very best definition of
MARKETING that has ever been brought forth is this one:
"Marketing produces best results  when it is done well and
it is done frequently." To develop a "MIND-SET MARKETING
PLAN" you must do both of those things. 

You must market "WELL" meaning you must have the right
resources, you need to send the right thoughts to the mind
and you must send these thoughts in the  right way. Doing
it over and over and over again to fully achieve having
done it "FREQUENTLY." In any business survival is the Short
Term Mind-set, but success can only be achieved through the
Long Term Mind-set. With a "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN" being
the keys that open the gates of the Long Term Mind-set and
business success. 

Business success only comes with a Long Term Mind-set. You
must have Long Term Visions and your "MIND-SET MARKETING
PLAN"  must be created and  done so that you can, do and
will prosper in the Long Term. You must survive in the
Short Term, but to generate fully satisfying and total
business success you can not only look at how to survive in
the Short Term, but you must develop your own personal
"MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN!" to achieve a Long Term Mind-set. 

To begin developing your "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN!" and a
Long Term Mind-set the very first thing you must know,
acknowledge and understand is that there are NO EXPERTS and
there are absolutely NO SET RULES.  

NO EXPERTS: Be careful of the proselytizers who tell you
there is only one way to do things. It would be too easy if
that were so. 

The profit goes to the creative entrepreneur who builds on
the ideas of others. J P Getty once said, "To succeed in
business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it
is possible to know about that business. Getty went on; I
love to hear the ideas of others and often wish I would
have thought of them. But I take  other people's ideas and
change them to make them work in my business. And thus came
the most famous quote that was ever made  by J. P. Getty
... I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than
100% of my own efforts."  

NO SET RULES: All of this makes it difficult for the people
with Short Term Mind-sets. If you think there were rules
for success. And all you had to do was to discover them and
practice them. Why  do the rules seem so fuzzy? The answer
should be obvious. There are very few rules, but there are
lots of ideas. The successful business, Long Term Mind-set,
people among us will take these ideas and develop them into
a successful enterprise. The less successful and less
creative, Short Term Mind-set, will try to follow set
"rules" and will wonder why they are not making a seven
figure income. 

To be successful you must find what works in your business,
with  your personality, with your skills, your comfort
level and for you. A "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN!" develops
your business plans with a  kind of self assessment of your
strengths and weaknesses and then tailor a Long Term
Mind-set of business around them, using only the ideas you
like and discarding those you don't. 

Letting yourself only be stimulated by the ideas of others
and creative enough to change them to work in your
business. There are no set rules or correct ways to do
everything, and when you think you know it all by only
following set rules or business models of someone else you
are heading for a fall. 

NO EXPERTS and NO SET RULES will be the only way that you
can and will be open and confident enough to solve the
problem nearly all who fail in business have in common ...

Because there is only one place in this universe that
anyone can  a "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN" that can, does and
will ensure Long Term  success in business and that is
inside your own mind. If you do not follow the simple
definition of "MIND-SET MARKETING" above, "Marketing  well
and doing it frequently" within the confides of your own
mind. You have a Short Term Mind-set that will grab all the
excuses available as reasons for business failure other
than the one that is truly responsible. You lack the
"MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN" to develop a Long Term Mind-set
of  business success that is required and has been achieved
by all the rich, famous and seven figure income producers
that have come before you. 

Now if you have read this article the person who has
presented it  to you has done you a very great service and
favor because they have and will actually save you many
hours of frustration, dissatisfaction and regret in any of
you business attempts. They  have, in fact, identified the
most common causes of business failure for you and given
you a base from which to develop a "MIND-SET MARKETING
PLAN" to transform any  Short Term Mind-set business plans
into the Long Term Mind-set that will build you Long Term
business success. 

For if you have ever begun any marketing campaign and not
gotten  the responses or result you have desired ... and
then "QUIT" you  have "STOPPED AT THE BEGINNING." You are
not at the end. You are only at the very beginning of a
process that must go on and on and on and on until you find
what works in your business, with your personality, with
your skills, your comfort level and for you in the
"MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN" of your own mind and no where

If your "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN" does not or has not
passed the challenges of your own mind. They will never
pass the challenges of anyone else's mind either. 

So if you have ever asked yourself, "Why am I a poor man?"
Perhaps you now have the tool to see it may be nothing more
than  a Mind-set Thing. Deeply reviewing the base upon
which your current  "MIND-SET MARKETING PLAN" is built is
one of the first steps on the most successful  journey you
may ever embark upon in your life! Thus I can provide a
NO-COST look at my most recent self-achiever's production 
... "3 – Rules for Happier Success" ... ...
it's Mind-set changing! 

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