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Getting Started With Your Own Online Business

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If you are starting an online business or you already have one, 
the large numbers of people coming online could potentially be 
your future clients. New customers are everywhere; we only need 
to take the steps to bring them to us and to help them decide to 
use our products or services.

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Written By:     Sean Babb
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Getting Started With Your Own Online Business
Copyright © 2006 Sean Babb
The Top Notch

Every year, personal computer and notebook computer sales 
continue to skyrocket. Many people are upgrading their computer 
systems, and many more are buying their first computer for the 

A strong number of the people buying their very first computer 
are doing so because they hope to tap into the wealth that is 
being created everyday online.

If you are starting an online business or you already have one, 
the large numbers of people coming online could potentially be 
your future clients. New customers are everywhere; we only need 
to take the steps to bring them to us and to help them decide to 
use our products or services.


1. You must have a storefront selling products or services. 
2. You must take steps to bring potential customers to your 


People have generated incredible successes in nearly every online 
business format. So, I am not going to argue that you need to be 
selling a service or selling a product.

Creating your own programs (selling your own products and 
services) can be very profitable. But, for every person that 
succeeds in creating their own products and services, there are 
probably another hundred people who are making a comfortable 
living selling other people's products and services.

There are various methods available to people, which help them to 
sell other people's products and services:

1. Affiliate Marketing 
2. Network Marketing 
3. Paid Advertising Programs 
4. Wholesale Programs 
5. Reseller Programs


Generally, with an affiliate program, someone will sign up to be 
able to sell someone else's product or service. The seller's 
website will provide the affiliate with a selling webpage that 
looks like the rest of the seller's sales pages.

The seller website will set up a cookie in their visitor's 
browser when the customer visits their site. If the customer used 
the affiliate's version of the sales page, then the seller's 
website will record the affiliate's ID in the cookie. When the 
customer completes the transaction, the seller's website will 
pull the cookie information to see which affiliate should get the 
credit for the transaction. Then the seller credits the 
affiliate's account with the promised sales commission.


Network marketing is an expansion upon the affiliate marketing 
idea. With network marketing, when you sign up, you become a part 
of a larger network of sales persons. Generally, the seller will 
pay commissions to their people through several levels of 

The person who brought you into the program will earn a 
commission on your sales, and the person immediately above that 
person will also receive a commission. And of course, you will 
receive a commission.

Network marketing programs pay commissions over several levels, 
so that the people who brought you into the program will have the 
incentive to help you to be successful also.


All the rage these days, the Google Adsense program 
( is one of many programs that are available 
where the advertiser pays the provider for traffic, and the 
provider shares click revenue with the webmaster who generated 
the click.

People everywhere are throwing up informational content websites 
that are intended to carry one of these paid advertising programs 
with them.


With the wholesale programs, you as the business owner are just 
like the Main Street USA businessperson. You will buy a product 
at a reduced wholesale cost and hold that product in inventory 
until you have sold it and delivered it to your customer. Many 
times, in order to get the reduced wholesale price, you must buy 
those products in quantity.


As with the wholesale programs, you are reselling a product or 
service that you have acquired from a third-party. And like 
a wholesale program, you are in charge of everything from 
copywriting, pre-sales communications, transaction processing, 
and customer service.


Each of these types of storefronts has certain advantages and 

With the first three types, you will not have to get involved 
with the sometimes complex technical tasks associated with the 
website design and payment processing systems on your website. 
With the latter two, you are responsible for your own payment 
processing systems, although you can usually utilize a third-
party provider to deliver the actual money transfer.


Every person who seeks to build a successful online business will 
have to engage themselves in the process of bringing visitors to 
their storefront.

Although the affiliate and network marketing programs provide a 
sales page for you to use to pass on to your customers, it is 
actually recommended that you set up your own domain with at 
least one page of content and your own introduction to the 
programs you want to promote.

These days, you can register a domain for under $5, and you 
can host that site for less than $10 per month.

The primary reason why you want to set up your own domain is 
because if you are setting up any long-term advertising systems, 
then it is better to promote a website that you own and control. 
Who knows, the day may come when you want to shift your primary 
focus away from what you are promoting today to something that 
you feel could be more profitable down the road. If you have 
built most of your long-term advertising around someone else's 
website, then you are stuck supporting their program, no matter 
how unprofitable it might be to you.


There are many advertising methods available online including 
search engine marketing, direct email, publishing an ezine, 
ezine advertising, article marketing, press releases, classified 
advertising, paid inclusion advertising models, participating in 
online forums and using your signature to advertise for you, and 
many more methods that I will not mention here.

Some of these methods are free, some are cheap, and some are 
pricey. In most cases, the cost associated with these advertising 
mediums often represent the ability of those mediums to work 
towards helping you generate an traffic and sales.

Whatever methods you decide to use, you must absolutely track the 
results that you generate from each method. You want to be able 
to earn as much back from your advertising, as you put into your 
advertising. Under ideal circumstances, all of your advertising 
will be profitable, but testing will show that some methods and 
venues work better than others. It is up to you to do the testing 
and tracking to figure out which advertising method and venue 
permits you to generate the best return for your money.

The systems are available for all of us to make money online, 
but it is up to you to navigate through the winners and losers 
to find your own specific formula for success. One you have 
established your own formula for success, you should follow your 
basic formula so that you can continue to grow your business well 
into the future.

Sean Babb can help YOU
Start your own profitable business and Earn Extra Cash
on the Internet within the next 24 hours!
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