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Earth Wind and Fire - the Signs of the Zodiac

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United as they are by the element of fire, those born under the 
zodiacal signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are said to have 
certain characteristics in common.

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Written By:     Clare Gibson
Copyright:      2006
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Earth Wind and Fire - the Signs of the Zodiac
Copyright © 2006 Clare Gibson
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Positive attributes:

United as they are by the element of fire, those born under the 
zodiacal signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are said to have 
certain characteristics in common.

Just as we are drawn to a fire when we are feeling chilly, or 
gather around this bright focal point, so fiery people are said 
to be warmhearted, generous, and magnetic, to relish being the 
center of attention (notably Sun-governed Leos), and to be 
stimulated and energized by contact with others, particularly 
airy individuals, whose ideas act like oxygen on fire, as well 
as their fire-sign fellows.

When their imaginations are fired up, they can be highly 
creative, and when their enthusiasm has been kindled, their 
vitality, exuberance, ardor, and passion enlivens those around 

Like fire's unpredictable, leaping flames, Aries, Leo, and 
Sagittarius individuals are adventurous, outgoing, impulsive, and 
spontaneous, and often inspirational, experimental trendsetters 
who are blessed with a masculine confidence and the courage of 
their convictions.

If a headstrong, fiery character's flame is to burn brightly, he 
or she needs self-autonomy and freedom of action. However, watery 
or earthy influences may dampen or suppress a fiery type's high 

Along with having a gift for making things happen (and Ariens are 
spirited initiators), those whose element is fire are furthermore 
typically honest and optimistic (particularly jovial 

Negative Attributes:

Fire can be dangerous, however, for it can swiftly burn out of 
control, damaging or consuming everything in its path.

In the same way, when fueled by excitement, a fiery temperament 
can often either become overstimulated and then rashly and 
unthinkingly overstep certain boundaries, or else a spark of 
annoyance may rapidly escalate into furious rage.

Fiery individuals may therefore lack self-control, and are prone 
to burnout if they are unable, or unwilling, to rein in their 
energies. They may be hot-tempered, but their heated outbursts 
are usually short-lived, and once vented, their fury generally 
quickly subsides.

Further unappealing fiery traits include a tendency to be 
aggressive and domineering, (particularly Mars-ruled Ariens), 
arrogant and egotistical (especially Sun-governed Leos), and 
abrupt and impatient (notably mutable Sagittarians).

Indeed, despite their often heart-warming demonstrativeness, all 
have a tendency to be the exhibitionists of the zodiac, which 
others may find tiresome.


Positive attributes:

The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and, as their 
element suggests, all have fundamentally down-to-earth natures.

These are level-headed individuals, who, like their element, are 
stable and supportive. Even when an earthquake, in the form of 
personal catastrophe, rocks the very foundations of their 
existence, their resilience and practical approach generally 
soon reassert themselves, enabling them to rebuild their world 
steadily, patiently, and productively, in typically earthy 

Those born under earth signs are furthermore logical and 
straightforward, and prefer to deal with facts rather than waste 
their time on others' flights of fancy or abstract notions 
(especially Mercury-governed Virgos), which is why they sometimes 
find airy types unsettling.

Additionally hardworking, loyal, and dependable, they can be 
relied upon to see a job through to the end, and, once committed, 
to remain faithful to their friends and loved ones.

>From this description, it may sound as though sensible, earthy 
people are rather boring, yet while their constancy and love of 
routines may make them predictable, it is no coincidence that 
"earthy" can mean "sensual," or "lusty," and, indeed, Venus-ruled 
Taureans have a pronounced relish for indulging their senses.

All earth-sign characters enjoy spending time outside, too, be it 
lazing around, hiking, or tending their gardens, for they feel 
grounded when they are in physical contact with their element.

And if you think of the way water seeps into the earth, 
encouraging growth, it is clear that despite their imperturbable 
appearance, earthy personalities have a lot going on under the 
surface, which those whose element is empathetic water have a 
talent for bringing out.

Negative Attributes:

Some of the disadvantages of having earth as an element include 
the passiveness that it bestows on its children, a characteristic 
that is compounded by having a feminine polarity, which means 
that Taureans, Virgoans, and Capricorneans can be somewhat stolid 
and inactive, and, because they are naturally prudent and 
cautious too, may do little on joyous impulse (which is why they 
frequently disapprove of spontaneous, fiery individuals) and may 
rarely take the initiative.

They can also be hard-headed materialists (especially saturnine 
Capricorns) who sometimes take greater pleasure in working hard 
to accumulate the money and possessions that make them feel 
secure than in simply having fun, which is why they may seem 
depressingly upright, serious, and ambitious to playful, air-sign 
individuals, and miserly to generous, fire-sign people.

Another trait that may irritate others is their slow, considered, 
plodding approach and refusal to be rushed, even if their 
thoroughness, attention to detail, and tenacity bring concrete 
results in the end.


The zodiacal signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius all have the 
element of air in common, and because air is associated with the 
intellect in astrological thought, they are believed to be united 
in their analytical, logical, and rational way of thinking.

These coolly cerebral people are stimulated by ideas, be they 
those that they think up themselves or those that spring from 
the minds of creative, fiery characters, artistic, watery 
individuals, or their ingenious, airy brethren (they often 
consider practical, earthy types unimaginative and uninspiring, 

Indeed, they themselves tend to come up with the most inventive 
of concepts, and none more so than groundbreaking, Uranus-
governed Aquarians.

And just as the air in Earth's atmosphere is both everywhere and 
moves around freely, so do they, partly because they are 
constantly in search of new and interesting viewpoints, partly 
because they are curious about others and enjoy evaluating their 
personalities, and partly because they are fluent and articulate 
communicators who feel the urge to impart their news and views 
to others.

Clare Gibson is the author of numerous books on dreams and 
astrology. This article is part of an extract from her book: 
The Ultimate Book of Relationships. The full extract can be 
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