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We All Need A Father Figure To Lean On

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When I think of the ultimate father figure I think of the 
extraordinary paternal love and devotion of the Biblical King 
David for his son Absalom even when his son turned against him 
and attempted to kill him.

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Written By:     Geela
Copyright:      2004-2006
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We All Need A Father Figure To Lean On
Copyright © 2004-2006 Geela
Author of "The American Dream"

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  "Life which is soon past, only what's done 
with love will last."

When I think of the ultimate father figure I think of the 
extraordinary paternal love and devotion of the Biblical King 
David for his son Absalom even when his son turned against him 
and attempted to kill him.  As eloquently expressed by King 
David, when he wept over the death of his son, "Absalom, my dear 
son, oh how I wish I could trade places with you!"

Practically in all human affairs, and even in organized religion 
where God is viewed and revered as the ultimate father figure, 
fathers have played a central role in the drama of our 
lives. With a clearly defined role as the bread winner, the 
disciplinarian, the ultimate family authority, there was no doubt 
that fathers were the kings of their own castles and therefore 
demanded respect. Interestingly, of all the Ten Commandments, the 
one commandment that is emphasized the most is "Honor thy father 
and mother," and not so much out of a sense of sentimentality, 
but rather necessity.   It was based on the recognition of the 
major role that parents played in the child's life and the life-
long impact on shaping their life and influencing the choices 
they made not to mention their relationship with people 
particularly with the opposite sex.

Fathers were traditionally regarded as pillars of strength which 
provided the safety net to support and preserve the family unit. 
But those days of taking the time to mentor an offspring as a 
way of preparing children for the real world, are long gone. 
Instead, the role of the emerging father figure has almost been 
reduced to "a human ATM."  That's because in a "more is better" 
culture, where the focus has shifted from wholesome values such 
as family and community to the pursuit of material success, the 
result is invariably an erosion of morality, growing social ills 
and the break down of the family system.  Take for example the 
phenomenon of the growing senseless violence in our schools 
and on our streets (or the growing teenage suicide).  It's 
symptomatic of the vacuum created in our children when the two 
most important people in their lives (mom and dad) get divorced 
and/or when they are left home alone growing up with either the 
TV or their peers or gangs, and without a father figure in 
particular.  In essence, it's a cry for help, for love, for 
direction of how to survive and thrive in the jungles of life 
from someone they can lean on and look up to.  They are looking 
for someone who is committed to giving them roots to grow and 
wings to fly and never desert them no matter what.  In other 
words, it's a cry for a true father figure, the ultimate role 

Contrary to popular belief, what children need the most (but get 
the least) is not material gifts but rather something far more 
precious - something that many parents simply are either unaware 
of or are too drained both physically and mentally to give, 
namely, the gift of time and mentoring.  But whether the newly 
evolved father figure is the "quiet storm" type or not, is not 
that important.  What's really important is the valuable 
contribution that fathers make to our lives which cannot and 
should not be ignored.   They deserve a special place in our 
hearts with deep respect and true appreciation for helping shape 
our lives, keeping us grounded and centered and by adding another 
dimension to our lives.  In short, good fathers make us feel 

It seems like no matter how old, independent and/or successful we 
get, the need for a father figure to lean on, especially during 
challenging times, continues to intensify. Perhaps it's a built-
in divine thing to remind us of the ultimate father figure that 
is never subject to change and is always there for us with 
infinite love and patience, guidance, and forgiveness - who is 
simply known as God.  All we have to do is recognize it and 
appreciate the many contributions He has made to our lives just 
like our earthly fathers.

And since a gene for being a good father hasn't been discovered 
yet and there is no known User's Manual for how to become a good 
father - being a good father is simply a matter of skill and an 
art form that can actually be learned.  All it takes is only a 
lifetime of dedication and commitment and a lot of practice with 
infinite willingness to forgive not just your child but yourself 
for "dropping the ball" now and then.   Indeed, being a father 
figure comes with great responsibility and commitment.  However, 
it is the matching rewards, like no other, that makes it all 
worthwhile.  After all, what could be sweeter than hearing the 
words: "Dad, you are my hero!"

Copyright © 2004-2006, Geela
Author of "The American Dream" 

Geela is an award winning singer/songwriter/composer and author 
of the best-selling book "THE AMERICAN DREAM," her true- life 
story of how she came to America as a young immigrant with 
nothing and overcame incredible obstacles to achieve 
mega-success. She founded ONE SPIRIT, ONE WORLD to help 
children and promote a culture of peace and harmony. Get a 
free sample of her music and her book at



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