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Unemployment May Require a 401(k) Defensive Strategy

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We all plan and prepare for what lies ahead of us, but can we 
truly know what our future holds? In all of our planning, we 
never seem to account for that Mack truck barreling down the 
freeway, out of control and on a direct path for our vehicle.

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Written By:     Daniel Lamaute
Copyright:      2003-2006, All Rights Reserved
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Unemployment May Require a 401(k) Defensive Strategy
Copyright © 2003-2006 Daniel Lamaute, All Rights Reserved
Lamaute Capital, Inc.

We all plan and prepare for what lies ahead of us, but can we 
truly know what our future holds? 

In all of our planning, we never seem to account for that Mack 
truck barreling down the freeway, out of control and on a 
direct path for our vehicle.


Following is a real life example of someone whom I will refer 
to as Jane.

In March of 2000, the Mack truck hit Jane in the form of the 
Dot Com Crash. Through no fault of her own, her dreams came 
crashing down around her.

Jane is a well-educated woman, who had planned her future well 
and was living the dream. She went from flying high in the Dot 
Com frenzy, pulling in a cool six figure income, to crashing 
into the hard reality of unemployment. 


In times past, Jane had managed to bounce back from adversity to 
continue living the dream. Yet, this time around was different.

An astute planner, she curtailed her family spending to cushion 
the fall. Still, it was not enough. The mortgage, insurance and 
car payments were taking their toll on her savings. 

Six months into unemployment, Jane decided to start her own 
consulting company. Although she was able to pick up a few 
clients, the income she generated simply was not enough to 
pay the bills. 

For the first time in her life, she was delinquent paying her 
bills. She feared losing the lights and even her home.


A year had gone by, her credit was maxed out and her savings 
depleted. Jane's 401(k) account had become her final hope.

Would her 401(k) savings be enough to get her back on her feet, 
allowing her to keep her home, her car, and to keep her dream 
alive? Or would she lose everything?


What would you do if you were in Jane's shoes? Would you have 
been able to pull out of the dive and save your life's work 
and dreams? 


With a 401(k) program, the money that we contribute is 
tax-deferred until we withdraw the money. Because the 401(k) 
is a retirement savings program, the government frowns if we 
withdraw our money early.

In fact, if you were to withdraw your money prior to the age 
of 59 1/2, then you will pay to Uncle Sam not only your 
regular tax rate, but also pay a 10% early withdrawal penalty 
tax. Ouch!


Hypothetically, you could pay a combined total of 40% in 
federal, state and local income taxes plus the 10% penalty. 
A $50,000 withdrawal would cost $25,000 between taxes and 

That is definitely a big OUCH! It pains me to realize what Jane 
had to give up to find the money she needed to get her through 
her most difficult time. 

Your tax or legal professional can advise you as to what tax 
rate you could expect to pay.


In 2002, new tax laws made it advantageous for retirement plan 
providers to introduce the self-employed 401(k). A self-employed 
401(k) is available to you if you are in business for yourself 
or with your spouse and have no employees.

Under the current tax code, you can rollover your IRAs or 401(k) 
to a self-employed 401(k) plan. Some plans allow you to borrow 
up to 50% of your account balance for a maximum loan amount of 

If only Jane could have survived until 2002 without tapping her 
retirement savings, then her present financial picture could 
have been much different. 

Let me explain.

Had this option been available and taken advantage of, Jane 
could have taken a loan for the full $50,000, against which no 
taxes or penalties would have been levied. And her retirement 
savings would have remained intact. 


It is my hope that you can avoid the Mack truck altogether, 
but the truth is that not one of us can foresee what might 
lie ahead in our paths. 

With the self-employed 401(k) loan feature securely in place, 
you will get the ability to use your retirement savings as a 
rainy day fund, without the fear of having to pay any taxes or 
penalties for the use of your own money provided you repay the 
loan by the prescribed time. 

If you are now self-employed or expect to be in the future, 
please explore the self-employed 401(k) option now. Be sure to 
ask about any fees to establish and invest in a self-employed 

It is your money! Protect it from the uncertainties of tomorrow! contains information about a self-employed 
401(k) plan with the loan feature.

Daniel Lamaute, CEO of Lamaute Capital specializes in helping 
people get the most benefit from their retirement investments. 
Take cash payments from your retirement funds the smart way. 
Get your FREE SOLO-OWNER 401K INFORMATION KIT. Kit includes a 
prospectus with detailed information about the plan, investments, 
sales charges and expenses. Visit to 
order kit. COPYRIGHT @ 2003-2006, Lamaute Capital, Inc. 
All rights reserved.



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