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The Healing Power of Marketing

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I was waiting for the tapioca pudding. In the same way many of us 
wait for customers. We were having a great conversation with some 
friends over dinner, but I have to admit, I was a little distracted. 
If this happens among friends, imagine what your customers are 
thinking about while they are reading your marketing.

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Written By:     Mark Silver
Copyright:      2006
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The Healing Power of Marketing
Copyright © 2006 Mark Silver
Heart of Business

I was waiting for the tapioca pudding. In the same way many of 
us wait for customers.

We were having a great conversation with some friends over 
dinner, but I have to admit, I was a little distracted, thinking 
about the tapioca pudding we were going to be having for dessert.

If this happens among friends, imagine what your customers are 
thinking about while they are reading your marketing. And, it 
might be a whole lot more distracting than tapioca pudding.

One of our friends had been a filmmaker for years, and had worked 
in marketing with the major Hollywood studios as well. And then 
gave it up to become a very successful naturopathic doctor 
specializing in helping people who have cancer.

He told us, "But I'm doing the same thing. Telling stories, and 
listening to stories. Because I've become clear that's where the 
real healing comes from."

He explained how he had been telling stories through film for a 
long time, but never got to interact with the people watching 
the film. Now he sees patients every day, and listens to their 
stories. "It's incredible to watch how much healing and relief 
comes in when people get to tell their stories."

I asked him: "Does it matter whether someone is telling their own 
story, or can you tell their story to them, and get the same 

His answer: "It doesn't seem to matter. As long the story gets 
told, and the person recognizes it as their own, the healing 
takes place."

That rang true for me. I've watched movies, and seen echoes of my 
own life in them, and felt a real relief and spaciousness open in 
me. I've also heard from clients who have expressed tremendous 
gratitude just at having their stories validated- "You mean, I'm 
not the only one in this situation?"

This has profound implications for your marketing. Your marketing 
doesn't have to be merely a prelude-- your marketing can deliver 
the tapioca of your business, and stimulate tremendous healing 
for people.

Tell your customers' stories in your marketing. It may only be a 
few sentences. It may be longer and more dramatic. But capture 
the essence of the difficulty they are facing, and their 
emotions, needs and desires. And, in the telling, they can 
experience profound relief and gratitude.

When someone feels profound relief and gratitude, they feel safe. 
Not only do they feel happier and more whole, but they tend to 
stick around longer.

Keys to the Healing Power of Marketing

* You have to know who you are talking to.

You've probably heard me beat this drum before, but how can you 
tell someone's story if you don't know who they are? And, one of 
the most elemental pieces of their story is their name. In a 
marketing context when you don't know the customer personally 
(yet), their name is your target market. Who you are helping, 
and What you are helping them with.

* You need to see things from their perspective.

When I was a paramedic, it was all too easy to talk about 
someone's problems from a clinical perspective, and I see 
business owners do that all the time as well. In order to 
effectively create connection and healing, you need to drop the 
impersonal 'professionalism' of clinical talk, and climb into 
their shoes and feel their pain. Then you can show real empathy.

* Take it a step further.

Many times, just naming them and their pain can create a huge 
amount of relief. But, take it a step further, and you'll be that 
much closer to creating a real, long-term customer relationship. 
Give them a solution.

The Heart of Business example: [Identity] For people who got into 
small business because they really want to make a difference, 
[Problem] but are now facing the reality of needing to make a 
profit. [Solution] You can be profitable, without losing the 
heart of why you got into business in the first place.

Ahhhh.... big sigh of relief. You can expand this into an entire 
story, with many more details, according to the context.

And, once they connect- don't forget to offer them the tapioca 
pudding. They just might buy it from you.

Bon appetit,

Mark Silver

Mark Silver is the author of Unveiling the Heart of Your 
Business: How Money, Marketing and Sales can Deepen Your Heart, 
Heal the World, and Still Add to Your Bottom Line. He has 
helped hundreds of small business owners around the globe, by 
integrating 1500 years of spiritual wisdom with down-to-earth 
business practices. Get three free chapters of the book online:



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