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Am I Cut Out for This? 13 Attributes of the Wealthiest, Happiest, and Most 
Successful Entrepreneurs on the Planet

Article Description:
Check in with yourself and see how many of these attributes you
have. You may find that you are missing a few of these. That's
OK, you can develop a training plan for yourself and watch your
success begin to soar.

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Written By:     Melanie Benson Strick
Copyright:      2006, All Rights Reserved
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Am I Cut Out for This? 13 Attributes of the Wealthiest, Happiest, and Most 
Successful Entrepreneurs on the Planet
Copyright © 2006 Melanie Benson Strick, All Rights Reserved
Success Connections

Janice called my assistant in an almost desperate state and left
this message, "I need an emergency breakthrough session!" Janice
explained that her passion for her small business was waning as
the reality of her 2005 financial and business results were
revealed in her tax preparation. She was worried that her
business would go under if she didn’t do something real soon.

As we started our session, I asked Janice what she needed to feel
successful again in her business. Without hesitating, Janice
said, "I need to know I can be a successful entrepreneur! I’ve
been working harder than I ever imagined for less money - and I’m
starting to feel like I have a J.O.B. again!"

As I did a little digging, I realized that Janice, like many
entrepreneurs, started her business because she didn’t want to
work for someone else anymore but she had NO IDEA what it takes
to be successful.

So, knowing that Janice is not alone, I thought I’d share 13
Attributes of the Wealthiest, Happiest, and Most Successful
Entrepreneurs on the Planet. Check in with yourself and see how
many of these attributes you have.

1.  Has high self confidence. You have a belief in yourself that
you can do it.

2.  Does not consider failure as an option. You recognize that
failure is a necessary step to finding what does work.

3.  Able to move from ambiguity to clarity. You recognize that
confusion, chaos and lack of clarity are all pieces of the
"playing full out" puzzle. You have a process that allows you to
move through this phase into a state of power and momentum.

4.  Has perseverance and discipline. You know that every day you
must focus on what MUST be done, not what you feel like doing.
You engage in consistent, supportive habits.

5.  Has a plan yet is "flexible." The key to massive results is
setting your mind on a desired outcome while being willing to "go
with the flow" so the idea can expand and grow with the changing

6.  Sets and attains realistic goals. In my work, the only
difference between goal talkers and goal getters are how
realistic you are about your time management and abilities.

7.  Takes calculated risks. Risks are necessary - but they must
be tempered against what is good for you and your business. Learn
what your high payoff opportunities are.

8.  Equally skilled in sales, marketing and "craft." It’s not
enough to love what you do; you must become masterful at bringing
in the business opportunities. Otherwise you will be the best
kept secret in the world.

9.  Has financial backing/funding sources. To truly achieve
wealth, you must have access to financial leverage. As the saying
goes, "It takes money to make money."

10. Enormous passion and drive for the work. When the going gets
tough (and it will) the one thing that will keep you going is
your passion. You have to get up every day believing that what
you do is so vital, so important and so necessary that you are
willing to overcome any obstacles in your way.

11. Willingness to learn. You recognize that the minute you know
it all, you are done. Bigger successes come from continuing to
learn, grow and evolve your mind and your goals.

12. Surrounded by other successful entrepreneurs. You invest your
time, money and energy in people who are playing a big game.
Choosing an environment to tap into collaborative opportunities,
brainstorming and big thinking is your way to leaping forward.

13. Has good health and unbounded energy. The one thing that is
precious that can’t be bought once it is gone is your energy. You
make a commitment to maintaining a good health regime as a
priority, not a last resort.

Do you find that you are missing a few of these? Or maybe you
feel a little rusty on a point or two? That’s OK. Develop a
training plan for yourself on how you will learn and develop the
attribute. Set a three month and six month goal and watch your
success begin to soar.

Melanie Benson Strick offers keynotes speeches, mentoring, coaching,
training and products designed to get people out of overwhelm and
onto the success fast-track. For your FREE copy of "The 5 Massive
Mistakes that can Put you Out of Business..and How to Avoid
Them", visit



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