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Who Else Wants to Learn How to Start A World Wide, Profit Pulling Record Label?

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Virtually every recording artist, started out on a small 
independent label. They recorded their own music, started their 
own publishing companies, produced their own masters, did their 
own promotions until they landed their first major label 
recording contract.

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Written By:     Ty Cohen
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Who Else Wants to Learn How to Start A World Wide, Profit Pulling Record Label?
Copyright © 2006 Ty Cohen
The Ultimate Record Label

Virtually every recording artist, started out on a small 
independent label. They recorded their own music, started their 
own publishing companies, produced their own masters, did their 
own promotions until they landed their first major label 
recording contract. Just to mention a few artists who started 
their careers on an independent label, Elvis Presley, the Rolling 
Stones, Neil Diamond, The Beatles and many more. So, as history 
continues to show us, you can start your own Indie record label, 
for a small amount of money, which ran properly can produce 
monumental, lucrative results. However, it is important to keep 
in mind that starting your own Indie record label can be one of 
two things: a smooth running, economical and very successful 
venture or a money sucking, complicated ordeal. The choice is 
yours. Personally, I would choose the former. I am going to map 
out some strategies on how to succeed in the Indie record label 
industry. Specifically, in the areas of promotion, publicity and 
the industry as a career choice.

You never should equate a record deal to success, because it is 
only a step that helps large recording organizations filter out 
new artists in the music business. Big recording companies spend 
millions of dollars on a few dozen new artists, in the hopes that 
one of them will become a hit with the mainstream. They do not 
care which band makes it, merely that one or two do. If you are 
selected as one of the dozen and do not make the final cut. 
Then you will be branded in the industry as "old news" by the 
recording industry, making it impossible to recover and to 
be picked up by another label. The odds are not worth it.

Instead of taking such a high risk, bet on a sure thing. Release 
your music on your own CD on your own label. You will be 
establishing yourself as someone who is serious in the music 
industry, by demonstrating that you will do whatever it takes to 
get your music out to the public. Not to mention, that selling 
your own, self-financed CD can actually get you a better record 
deal if your independent release is somewhat successful. If you 
can prove that you have a fan base, which have purchased your 
self-made albums, then you take away some risk for the record 
company and give yourself some leverage during negotiations. 
Having a strong fan base will also make it easier for record 
labels to market your music to. Better yet, if you bar-coded your 
CD and managed to get it into record stores, the record companies 
may seek you out. Now about that CD...

For starters, don't settle for the cheapest CD or package you can 
find. Presentation is everything in this business. The appearance 
of your disc and the graphics will make an impression on your 
buyers, who will be comparing your release against major record 
labels. If you personally don't know of anyone with CD 
duplicators, then speak with any of the hundreds of musicians 
on via the internet who have or can steer you in the right 
direction. While you're at it, ask them where they had their 
album graphics done. High quality album presentation may mean the 
difference between being picked up by the DJ or going into the 
DJ's trash.

Once, you have your CD and album designed, it is time to market 
it. Do not blindly send out your CD to record labels and 
distributors in the hopes of getting signed. More than 90% of 
all CD's will go unopened and end up in the garbage. That is why 
contact must be made and approval received in advance for the 
record label to accept your submission. If you do not somehow 
find contacts and decide to just blindly send your CDs out, you 
will only be throwing your money away; therefore, if that is the 
case why bother with spending money on the packaging. In order to 
find contacts, either find them yourself or find someone who 
knows someone who knows someone, you get the point. Another way 
is to e-mail various stations, briefly tell them about yourself 
and your record and ask if they would like you to send them a 
copy of your CD. If they respond, then you made contact. This 
also means that your CD will have a better chance of being heard.

Next, create an excellent website to promote your music. Develop 
a website that will require participation of the viewers. That 
is what will keep people coming back to your site. Share your 
insights with your sites viewers. Give your site a sense of value 
and originality. Take a look at the resource available from for more info on selling 
your music online.

Finally, do not make the mistake of thinking you know everything 
about the industry. What works for some may not work for others. 
Therefore, do not assume there is one way to do something. Think 
about the number of who succeed and accomplish what they desire 
compared to those who are still trying to succeed. Accept no 
one's advice as an absolute, rather as another idea. Ultimately, 
you will be making the decision, so it would behoove you to 
gather as many ideas and input as possible. You may need to try 
several ways first, before you find the way that fits. Keep 
trying. You can start and have a successful Indie record label 

Have fun and good listening!

Ty Cohen is the acclaimed author of over a dozen 
best-selling music industry "How to" books and courses. 
Grab a copy of Ty Cohen's latest book title by visiting and to learn more about 
starting or turning your existing record label into 
a world wide, profit pulling record label visit: 
Start A Record Label Today!



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