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A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Publishing Ezines or Online Newsletters

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All of the rich-and-famous internet business guru's tell you 
that "the money is in the list." This guide will help you to
strategize, plan and execute a profitable online newsletter.

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Written By:     Bill Platt
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A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Publishing Ezines or Online Newsletters
Copyright © 2006 Bill Platt

All of the rich-and-famous internet business guru's tell you 
that "the money is in the list." 

Of course, when people talk about "the list", they are talking 
about your list of email addresses of people who have opted-in 
to receive mailings from you. In some cases, people have simply 
opted-in to receive advertising from you. In most cases, people 
have opted-in to receive a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly 
online newsletter from you.

The reason why "the list" is so important to your goals of 
profit, is because most people will not buy from someone until 
they have "heard of that person" or "heard from that person" 
seven times. This is the "Marketing Golden Rule of Seven".

What it boils down to is that people only buy from businesses 
they trust. And in most cases, it is nearly impossible to build 
that trust, except through repetition. Through repeat contact 
with a potential customer, a business can build a significant 
level of trust with their subscriber base. 

This is why it is so important for an online business owner to 
contemplate publishing an ezine. Even if you don't yet have a 
live ezine, you should still put the systems in place to build 
your "list". You can always start publishing an ezine at some 
future date. So, it would be better to have your list started 
when you are ready to put out that first issue of your ezine.

Designing a Winning Ezine Formula

When designing your ezine, there are several factors you should 
consider. All of these factors could affect the profitability of 
your ezine publishing venture.

Are You Going To Publish Your Ezine In HTML or Text Format? 

Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages. The biggest 
advantage to the HTML format is that you can make your ezine 
visually appealing through the use of HTML. The biggest 
disadvantage is that a lot of people still do not have the 
mailing software that will allow them to view your ezine in the 
same way that you designed it. In the past, a number of people 
did not even have access to email software that would allow them 
to view HTML email at all. This is the reason why so many ezines 
got started in the Text format to begin with, and they have just 
never changed. 

The advantages on the Text format is the general feeling that 
everyone who receives it will be able to read it. And, for 
constructing a new issue, it is pretty painless to put everything 
together. The disadvantage is that plain text is not nearly as 
attractive as HTML formatting.

How Frequently Are You Going To Publish?

Ezine publishers are sending their ezines anywhere from once 
a quarter to five days per week. 

For a lot of people, this is a really big decision.

When I was publishing my ezines, I would mail once every two 
weeks. It felt as if it were not too much, and it were not too 
little. That is always the balance you will have to seek. 

You want to be frequent enough that people will pay attention 
to your mailings. But, you must be careful not to go out too 
frequently in terms of both your subscribers AND yourself. 

Some people don't have the time to read daily newsletters. You 
must consider their needs too. You want to go out as frequently 
as possible, without seeming too pushy. 

The other side is according to your own schedule. For the longest 
time, I felt that once every two weeks was not quite enough... 
But then my business took off big. All of a sudden, my business 
was steaming so fast and furious that I did not have the time to 
publish. I had to take care of my paying customers first and 

Your Layout Is Important

Your ezine layout should be visually-friendly and easy-to-read. 

There are two baic layout rules to follow. 

First, you should use lots of white space between paragraphs and 
sections to reduce reader's eye-strain. If your ezine strains 
your reader's vision, your readers may quit reading, no matter 
how good your content might be. 

Second, you should use dividers between primary sections so that 
people who like to scan can jump to what they are most interested 
in reading.


This next rule applies to both HTML and Text formatted ezines. 
You should establish a set format for how your ezine will appear 
to readers, and you should follow that basic template with every 
issue. Having a basic template allows your readers to learn what 
sections of your ezine they are most interested in reading, then 
they can jump right to that section on cue.

Choosing a Topic

It is often best to examine the people who are the people who 
are most likely to buy your products or services. What are they 
interested in? 

If you offer webhosting services, you should discuss in your 
ezine things that are important to webmasters.

If you sell pet accessories, then you should talk about all 
things dog and cat. 

If you sell vitamins, you should talk about good health.

See how easy this is?

A Personal Touch

Every issue of your ezine should carry a personal touch of you 
within it, unless you are a big corporation. Many people don't 
fancy themselves great writers, so they turn to others for the 
primary content in their ezine. We will look at that next. 

The personal touch that I speak of could be as simple as a 
one-paragraph introduction to each issue. For that matter, tell 
people about the latest antics of your dog. The important point 
is to let your readers see a bit of you in every issue, enabling 
your reader to feel that they know you one-on-one. That can be a 
huge trust builder for you.

Locating Great Content

There is a type of content available referred to as Free Reprint 
Articles. What this means is that you are free to use the 
available articles without monetary cost, so long as you agree 
to follow all other Terms of Use that accompany the article. 

In most cases, the most frequent term that writers are concerned 
with is that you use their About The Author information without 
change, and you hyperlink any URL's pointing to their websites. 
The writer is willing to allow you to use his or her content, 
provided you are willing to allow him or her to advertise in 
your ezine through the About The Author information.

Websites Where You Can Search For Content

There are actually many sources you can go to to find reprint 
articles. Here is a few websites where you can go to search for 
reprint articles:

Mailing Lists That Will Send You Targetted Content

If you would prefer articles to be mailed to you on subjects that 
you are most interested in, there are several resources for that 
too. As far as mailing lists go, there are four primary networks 
that serve the vast majority of article submissions. 

All but one of the large article distribution networks are 
powered by companies in the article distribution business.

Rather than to divide these article mailing lists up by topic, I 
am going to break them down by network. Each network generally 
serves a different set of writers. My own polling has indicated 
that the average writer only submits articles to seven groups, 
unless they utilize a distribution service.

All of the following article mailing lists serve a specific 

------------------------------------- Mailing Lists (No Distribution Services)

----------------------------------- Mailing Lists

------------------------ Mailing Lists

----------------------------------- Mailing Lists

There are more than 300 article distribution mailing lists 
available in the open market. Many of these lists accept all 
content, but the vast majority tackle these individual topics, 
plus a wide range of other individual topics. 

It is simply a matter of searching out the mailing lists that 
most closely represent the kinds of content that you would like 
to utilize in your ezine.

Finding A Good List Server

There are many mailserver companies out there. Of the free 
mailing list server companies, the three best in my preferred 
order are:

A good mailing company will give you a simple and secure 
subscription process. It will give you online archives. It will 
provide traffic through their site to give you an additional 
source for new subscribers. 

With the free services, you have to endure some of the mailing 
server company's paid advertising within your ezine issue, but 
that is a small cost when you consider how costly some of the 
paid services can be.

In Conclusion...

Once you have navigated the planning and design process, the 
actual setup and delivery of your ezine is a pretty straight 
forward process. Once you have developed your winning formula, 
your largest commitment with every issue is in finding the best 
articles to place into your ezine.

With this guide, it is my hope that you will discover the perfect 
formula for your ezine and the perfect sources for locating the 
best articles to include in your ezine issues. 

Good luck in your ezine publishing endeavors.

Bill Platt is the owner of
He has been involved in ghost writing articles since 2000, 
and he has been distributing client articles since 2001. 
To find more mailing lists that are targetted to 
other specific categories, you can check his list 
of 142 article distribution mailing groups at:



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