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How To Create A Balanced Picture

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Image is everything when it comes to your photographs. You can 
have the most expensive camera, and all the modern trimmings, but 
this will not make a difference to your picture. Only you the 
photographer can make the difference...

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Written By:     Cheryl Miller
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How To Create A Balanced Picture
Copyright © 2006 Cheryl Miller
PhotoTop Online

Image is everything when it comes to your photographs. You can 
have the most expensive camera, and all the modern trimmings, but 
this will not make a difference to your picture. Only you the 
photographer can make the difference, and creating a balanced 
picture will help you do that.

So how do you improve this and capture that beautiful image? 
A few minor tricks and adjustments will help you do this.

1. Adjusting the settings: With most digital cameras the white 
   balance setting is set at "auto" This will produce a "cooler" 
   picture. If you want to bring out those warm reds and yellows 
   set this feature to "cloudy." Compare pictures taken on "auto" 
   and "cloudy" and you will see the difference. The reds and 
   yellows will be more apparent, giving you a "warmer" image. 
   This will work especially well when you take outdoor portraits 
   and photographs of sunny outdoor landscapes.

2. To add subtlety to the colors of your outdoor shots you will 
   need to use a polarizing filter. This will filter out glare 
   and reflections resulting in a unique balanced picture. A 
   simple way to create this effect is to use a good pair of 
   sunglasses. You place your sunglasses as close to your camera 
   lens as possible, make sure you position them right and do 
   not include the frames in your photo. Be careful to position 
   yourself so that the light is over your left or right shoulder 
   for maximum effect. Then see how the colors of your image are 
   enhanced when you use this technique.

3. Another way to create a balanced picture is to use the "fill 
   flash or flash" feature on your camera: Make sure you are in 
   control of this feature for better exposure. When you are 
   taking portraits outside be sure the "fill flash" or "flash" 
   is turned on.

4. You can experiment with light variations. Position the person 
   so the sun shines on the hair from the side or back. This is 
   called "rim lighting." You can place them under a tree then 
   use your flash feature to add extra light.

5. An important point in creating a balanced picture is 
   positioning. Most cameras have a range of barely 10 feet so 
   do not stand too far away when you use your "fill flash" 

6. Macro Mode: Activating the close-up feature on your camera. 
   Get as close to your subject as possible. Hold the shutter 
   button down halfway to allow the camera to focus. When you 
   see the confirmation light press the shutter down the rest 
   of the way. Focus on the most important part of the subject 
   and let the rest of the image go soft.

7. Creating unusual shots when balancing your picture: Moving 
   water is a challenge but here is a way to simplify it and 
   get a "just painted" effect. Find some running water; force 
   the camera's shutter to stay open for 1-2 seconds then rake 
   your picture. This will create the soft flowing effect of 
   the water and leave the surrounding scene looking sharp.

With these tips you will be able to enhance your images and 
create a balanced picture just be using simple techniques and 
the basic features on your digital camera. They say a picture is 
"worth a thousand words" make your photographs the conversation 
piece of the party.

Cheryl Miller is an entrepreneur specializing in niche markets.
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