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Realtor 2 Realtor:  How To Be A Real Estate Diamond on the Beach

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In many industries, there are so many competing businesses that 
it makes it very difficult for the small business owner to stay 
afloat, let alone rise to the top.

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Written By:     Echo Farrell
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Realtor 2 Realtor:  How To Be A Real Estate Diamond on the Beach
Copyright © 2006 Echo Farrell
Intero Real Estate Services

In many industries, there are so many competing businesses that 
it makes it very difficult for the small business owner to stay 
afloat, let alone rise to the top. You see it everyday on your 
daily commute to work. How many restaurants to you pass between 
your home and your place of employment? How many grocery stores 
are there in your neighborhood? It is a tough world out there.

In the sales profession, the challenge becomes tougher. How many 
car salesmen accosted you the last time you went to the car lot 
to buy a car? As a new prospect drives into the car lot, dozens 
of salesmen race for the prospect. The first one there gets to 
take their shot.

If you think the world is tough at the car lot, wait until you 
try to get started in the real estate business. As of 2005, there 
are 2,636,783 licensed real estate agents in the United States. 
Given that the United States has a population of only 297,970,318 
people. That amounts to one real estate agent for every 113 men, 
women and children in the United States. ( Source: )

Differentiate Yourself From The Masses

If you are reading this article today, you have a great advantage 
over most of the 2.6 million real estate agents in the United 

What differentiates you from the majority is that you are not 
waiting for someone to drop success into your lap. Instead, you 
are researching your industry to learn how you can be more 
successful. You are among the cream. You are among the few who 
are willing to step up to the plate and make things happen for 

While the guy in the desk next to yours is waiting for your boss 
to bring him generic business cards to use, you are already on 
the phone working to make connections with potential clients.

In most industries, the salesperson's employer bends over 
backwards to make sure that the salesperson bows to the 
supremacy of the employer. In fact, with most companies, it is 
a requirement that the individual salesperson cannot market him 
or her self as an individual entity.

Real Estate is a much different industry. While you are not 
required to market yourself, it is not frowned upon. In fact, 
real estate agencies appreciate someone who is willing to invest 
in building their own reputation and business. They like seeing 
business cards and advertising that demonstrates the face and 
name of the salesperson on advertising materials with the company 
logo and phone number.

If you are not willing to market your own name and face, why 
should anyone else do that for you? Those individuals who are 
not willing to step up to the plate to make things happen for 
themselves must sit by the phone and wait for prospects to call.

Those individuals who are willing to step up seldom have time to 
wait by the phone looking for that chance prospect. They are much 
too busy.

As a commissioned sales person, the real estate agent cannot 
afford to sit idly waiting for that big sale to come their way. 
They need to be out shaking bushes trying to flush out that new 

Usually within the first two weeks on the job, most agency 
managers know which salespeople will still be at the job one year 
from now, and which ones will be changing jobs within just a few 
months. The new salesperson is either a "go-getter" or a "walker" 
--- walking out the door to find a new job that actually pays a 

Define Yourself – Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

In real estate, your name and your face are the most valuable 
assets you have, next to your skills as a salesperson. When 
clients call, you want them to ask for YOU by name. When 
strangers walk in the front door of the office, you want them to 
look at you directly, then walk right up to you and introduce 

When you have done a good job at selling yourself, then prospects 
will feel as if they know you --- even if they have never seen 
you in person.

When working to find your next prospect, you need to work hard 
to fashion your public image in a positive way. Your positive 
image in the marketplace will bring people to you with positive 
expectations for doing business with you. Positive client 
expectations usually result in a positive cash flow for the 

The positive image that you convey to others is better understood 
as your "reputation." A good reputation will carry you when times 
are slow. A poor reputation will push you out of the business 
once and for all. Be careful as you construct your public image. 
You public image / reputation will make or break your career as a 
real estate agent.

Marketing By Referral

When you have closed a sale, your customer will be very happy 
with you. Strike while the iron is hot. Ask for the referral. Ask 
your happy customer if they know of anyone else who might be in 
the market to buy real estate.

Take names and numbers, and then follow through.

Call Prospect One and advise them that your Happy Customer has 
suggested that they might be in the market to buy a house, land 
or commercial property. Tell Prospect One that you would be more 
than happy to help them with their property search. Ask them 
specifically what they are in the market to buy.

Don't be afraid to use Happy Customer's full name. The fact that 
Happy Customer has made the referral, has just allowed you to 
overcome one of the greatest roadblocks in the process of 
selling. Happy Customer's referral has allowed you to knock a 
lot of the wind out of Prospect One's fear of salespeople.

Most really successful real estate salespeople have mastered the 
art of marketing by referral. The skill of acquiring names of 
prospects allow most real estate agents to successfully move 
from one sale to another without missing a beat.

Your Success In Real Estate Is In Direct Proportion To Your 

Your real estate agency will spend money to advertise the agency. 
They will provide you with a desk and telephone. They will make 
sure that all of the legal resources that you need, will be 
available to you. They will have established relationships with 
appraisers and banks. They will provide you the foundation that 
you will need to help you to be successful.

But, at the end of the day, the agency is not going to go out of 
their way to make sure that you have the skills you need to be 
successful. And, they will not drop business in your lap. You are 
still expected to earn your own living.

Some agencies will go beyond the average. They will provide you 
training and resources to help you to become more successful. 
But, it is still up to you as to what you do with that training 
and those resources. The ball is still in your court.

Invest in your name and face recognition. Invest yourself in your 
customers and their lives --- this will help you to secure your 
public image and positive reputation. Invest yourself to get 
those personal referrals. Invest your time following up with your 

If you do all of these things well, then you could really become 
a Real Estate Diamond On The Beach. Only certain pebbles of sand 
have what it takes to become a diamond. Are you one of them?

Echo Farrell is a Scottsdale Arizona Realtor® specializing in 
residential real estate.  She has over 25 years of experience 
in sales, marketing and contract negotiations.  You can learn 
more about Echo Farrell by visiting her website:



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