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Congratulate Your American Idol With Flowers

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Has someone in your life recently achieved something that made 
them as happy and proud as if they'd won American Idol? 

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Written By:     Wesley Berry
Copyright:      2006
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Congratulate Your American Idol With Flowers
Copyright © 2006 Wesley Berry
Wesley Berry Flowers

Has someone in your life recently achieved something that made 
them as happy and proud as if they'd won American Idol? You can 
express your own happiness and pride for their success by sending 
a gift of flowers.

Now, you might think that's a great idea, but maybe you're just 
not sure how to send flowers and whether or not your American 
Idol will even like them. Relax! I've been in the floral business 
for decades and I've never met a person who didn't like flowers! 
Ordering flowers is easy and your florist will do most of the 
work. You simply need to pick up the phone, log on to the 
Internet, or stop by your florist. From there, your florist will 
walk you through the whole process. He or she will ask you some 
fairly simple questions like:

 * Who are you sending the flowers to? A coworker, significant 
   other, friend, family member?

 * What is the occasion?

 * What kind of person is the recipient? Traditional? A trend 
   setter? Outgoing? Romantic?

 * Does the recipient have any favorite flowers or colors that 
   you'd like to use?

 * How much would you like to spend?

After that, you just need to write a quick personal note or let 
your florist know what you'd like written on the card. What? 
Write a note? The card is often the most difficult part of the 
whole ordering process. Great news, though, your florist can even 
help you with that. Your florist is a professional and has worked 
with hundreds of people, many of whom were probably sending 
flowers for much the same reason you are. Ask for some card 
ideas. Here are a few ideas, but your florist will have more:

 * Congratulations on one of your best moments!

 * Hip, Hip, Hooray!

 * Congratulations from the whole bunch!

 * Stunning performance!

If you're concerned that your hometown florist is too small to 
have a good selection of flowers on hand, you should know that 
florists have daily access to a huge variety of fresh flowers 
every day, no matter how small their shop is. And, even if the 
person you're sending flowers to is far away, your local shop 
owner can assure you that your gift will be sent on time and be 
as fresh and beautiful as if they lived next door to the shop. 
That's because your florist has connections to other flower shops 
across the country. So, pick up the phone, hop on the Internet, 
or stop by the shop to let your florist help you say 
"congratulations!" to your American Idol.

Wesley Berry is the President of Wesley Berry Flowers, 
a successful multi-million dollar business that was 
established in 1946. He is also the Headmaster of the 
Professional Florists' Institute, a floral design school 
located in Michigan. Visit Wesley Berry Flowers on the 
web at



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