Article Title: How to Create Community and Increase Your Teleseminar Profit
Author Name: Julie Jordan Scott
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Category: Teleseminar Leading/Content Development
Copyright Date: 2006
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How to Create Community and Increase
Your Teleseminar Profit
© 2006
Julie Jordan Scott

The Power of Teleconferences and Teleseminars 
is giving rise to more and more and more entrepreneurs
jumping on the bandwagon, offering a wide variety 
of educational options in every topic you might imagine.

What continues to surprise and perplex me is
how many people never really tune into the fact 
that Teleseminars are not ONLY a way to make 
substantial  money - which yes, they are - they 
are also a way to have a significant and 
positive impact on the world through the work
that they do.

There are simple ways to begin that special awakening.

I am speaking of the the soul-to-soul unfolding that
invites the participants in the teleseminar to really
live differently as a result of your message.  

The bottom line is this: in order to have the greatest
impace on your participants, the leader must create a 
passionate, trust-based community. This strategy, to 
create community, is simple and will make a huge 
difference in repeat participants (and repeat 
tuitions paid) in your teleseminars and teleclasses.

Here are five simple ways to begin to fine tune your
next seminars so that you - and the world - can
reap positive rewards.

1. Authentically treasure each person who 
participates in your Teleseminar.  Don't be phony
with it - and if you are not up to authentically 
treasuring each participant, at least aim for 
liking and appreciating them.  How do you show this?
By speaking their name, the sweetest sound to every
person's ear.

2. Welcome each person as they arrive - or at 
least continue to issue a warm, true welcome to the
group if there are more than 20 or so people on the
line with you.  People want to know you are glad they
are there - actively interested in their presence.  Be
excited - this is YOUR teleseminar, YOUR time to 
shine and without THEM, you wouldn't be here!

3. Thank each person for his or her contribution - and 
speaking of contribution - be sure you make space for 
people to speak up and share their insights.  Sometimes 
their insights may a significant factor in the session.
Also - if one person dominates in contribution, ask
for input and add "Lets hear from someone who hasn't 
spoken yet today."

4. Remember the long running television comedy
"Cheers"? Do you remember the theme song? Entrepreneurs 
the world over could learn a thing or two about 
creating community from that simple song: "You want to 
be where everybody knows your name and they're always 
glad you came."  Call your participants by name - and 
re-state their name during the session.

5. Use examples from the students themselves 
and weave those examples right into the Teleseminar. It 
will point right back to point #1, feeling treasured, 
and point #4 - the Cheers tip.  This will require you 
be alert, aware and ready to update your information 
"improv" style. This is what makes a Teleseminar 
different than an audio program - it is LIVE, not
canned. You are not a "talking head" you are a facilitator
of growth and discovery.

Now - here is your challenge. The best way to be successful
in creating community in your next Teleseminar is to begin
to practice as soon as possible. Take one tip at a time
and weave it into your Seminar. watch what happens.

And then take the next tip and the next.

Your Teleseminars will become even more profitable, more
fun and filled with like minded, like souled and spirited
folks who will refer their friends as well.

= + = + = + = + = +

Julie Jordan Scott has been leading powerful, life changing
teleseminars since 1999.  Her students said, "Hey Julie, 
teach me the method behind your magic, please," so she
created "How to Lead Teleseminars that Change Lives" (including 
a self study version) and the Brand New, Teleseminar Incubator. 
Check them out:
upcoming programs: 

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