Article Title: The Magic of Mini-Bliss
Author Name: Julie Jordan Scott
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Word Count: 331
Category: Personal Development, Spirituality
Copyright Date: 2006
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The Magic of Mini-Bliss
© 2006
Julie Jordan Scott

Your challenge: Make a choice today to allow
something really simple to make you feel
profoundly grateful.

I have a simple coffee cup that has graced my gratitude list
on more than one occasion. It is nothing fancy. The day I
found it, there it sat on the clearance shelf, waiting to
be purchased. I doubt it ever knew it would be so appreciated.

It was the unique shape and dusty blue color which
attracted me.

It is narrow at the bottom and flares up at the top. It
almost looks like the body of a woman, a curvaceous woman.
The handle is an arm with the hands on the hips. I stand
like that a lot, poised and ready for action - prepared
for my next move.

Yes, the cup is ready, at attention, and yet is feminine
and graceful.

It had an imperfection when I bought it which made
it all the more perfect in my eyes.

The simple act of pouring morning coffee into its body
and bringing it to my lips makes me ooze with satisfaction
and contentment, mostly because I choose to notice
its glory. I choose, actively, to enjoy it fully. I choose,
in the moments when I am not feeling so remarkable,
to take this particular mug out of my cabinet before
any other coffee mug, purely to reconnect with
something that just flat-out-feels-good.

I saw my friend Ryan last night. He was so happy.
I asked what was making him so glad and he said,
"Hey, any day alive is a really great day." It reminded
me of why I like him so much.

You choose every day and any day. Your mood
will change, your circumstances may change - and no
matter what is happening on any given day, you may
choose to be pleased with the little things. Allow those
little pleasures, those ordinary moments of
mini-bliss, to pave your path.

Activate Your Passion.

Julie Jordan Scott is the Creator of the Passion Crafting Method.
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