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How to Make a Grapevine Wreath 
by Monica Resinger 

Is your grapevine beginning to look like a mini jungle? If so, take out your 
clippers and make grapevine wreaths!  If you don't have a grapevine, but would 
still like to make grapevine wreaths, maybe you have a friend or neighbor 
that has one that needs trimming.

How to make it:
First, take a long, fresh vine and form a circle in the diameter you want the 
wreath to be. Most likely, you will have excess vine; wind this excess vine 
around the vine circle you just formed. When the vine is to the end, tuck that 
end firmly inside a space between two wound vines; on the first round, there 
might not be two wound vines to tuck the end into, so just hold the end of the 
vine until it is wrapped in with the second vine. Now take another vine, 
insert the beginning end between two wound vines and begin the winding and 
process all over again. Keep doing this until you have a wreath in the 
thickness you desire. Keep in mind that the wreath will shrink quite a bit as 
dries, so you will want to make it  thicker than your desired thickness. 

When you have finished assembling your wreath, you can lay it in the sun to 
dry for a couple weeks, or bring it in the house and hang it to dry.  If you 
hang it to dry, you may want to change its position every couple of days so the 
shape will remain circular.

These wreaths make great gifts to give to friends and family as-is or fixed 
up with dried flowers, herbs and ribbons. To attach anything to your wreath, 
hot-glueing is the easiest method, but wiring things on with florist wire is 
another method.  They are also great to hang on the front door or on your walls 
as decorations. 

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