Article Title: How to Move from Just Functioning to
a "Wow" Awakening
Author Name: Julie Jordan Scott
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Word Count: 474
Category: Personal Development
Copyright Date: 2006
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How to Move from Just Functioning to
a "Wow" Awakening
© 2006
Julie Jordan Scott

I stood in the center of my dining room,

My first perfectionistic, strive-coated thought was
"I don't know, I just don't know" and yet when I took
a second to leap frog over the "what I don't possess",
I discovered something very significant.

I have a very strong opinion about "nots" - which is
what "Don't" is. it is a "Do not".

I never really thought about it before - what "not"
means - so I paid a visit to my friend,
Merriam Webster, and I found these definitions:

First: "used as a function word to make negative a
group of words or a word," and second: "used as a
function word to stand for the negative of a preceding
group of words."

"Not" is a universal "abracadabra" for the negative.

The anti-pixie dust.

Something else tapped me on the shoulder.

What is a function word?

I have never heard that term before now.

I asked jeeves and discovered a function word actually
contains very little meaning standing on its own. Instead,
it is placed in a sentence to be in relationship with
the words that surround it. Perfection.
Now I get it.

The word "not" literally ties up the words
around it in "knots".

It is like the super glue of lack and scarcity.


The first personal development book I ever read was
"Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins. The most
significant lesson I learned from that book is one
I still carry with me today.

I learned to change the words I use in order to
cause a shift not only in my behavior, I use words
to mold my environment to make it more suitable
for me to grow.

I cut out one simple phrase and replaced it with
several different variations.

The phrase I eliminated was "No problem," something
I said with astonishing regularity.

I replaced it with, "My pleasure." I still
use it today.

Look at that: when you hear the phrase "no problem"
what word continues to vibrate after you, leaving
its residue on your spirit? Yes, the word "problem."

On the other hand, when you hear "my pleasure" what
is the left over vibration? "Pleasure."

Desirability. Goodness. Sweetness.


So, instead of "Not" - or "Don't" which I just
on, is the active form of "Not". I will focus on awakening
and awareness and opening.

So instead of "I don't know" I will "awaken to
and "Become aware of knowing" and "I am open to

Yes. I feel a "Wow" awakening.

I know I enjoy little better than discovering
all of this in the presence of others.

So, care to join me?

I am open to knowing - I am awakening to....
My soul is open to.....

Activate Your Passion.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Writer, Speaker, Success Coach, Actor,
Workshop Facilitator and Mother Extraordinaire who created
the DreamActivation program to ignite your dreams.
Fre.e. audio coaching - immediate download:

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