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*Being A Pack Rat *Hurts* In Ways You Don't Even Realize*
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Being A Pack Rat *Hurts* In Ways You Don't Even Realize
~ By Jan Tincher

Copyright © Jan Tincher - All Rights reserved

Some people don't realize what they are doing to themselves and
their families.  Are you that person?  If you are familiar with Feng
Shui, then you understand the title already.  If you don't, this is just
a sample of what Feng Shui is about.

The chi or good spirit that moves through the universe is attracted
to many things.  If you want good chi in a certain area of your life,
you will pay attention to the following and find out what you are
doing to yourself and your family when you continually store things
around the house.

When things are stored in an area too long, they create stagnant chi.
Stagnant chi doesn't attract good fortune into your life.  When you
clean up that area, you will be able to *breathe easier* and good
things have a better chance of coming into your life in *that area.*
You will understand more about areas when you read about the
chart you will create below.

Create this chart on paper and see if that area of your life on the
chart is corresponding to that area of your life that needs help.
For instance, if you have a mess in the financial area of your life,
you might look at your house.  In your upper left corner of the
chart is the financial area.  Is that room in your house a mess?

Imagine a twelve inch square.  Now, section it off in 9 squares.
That's three four inch squares in three rows.  Label the squares as

The top left square affects you in the areas of prosperity, wealth,
abundance and fortunate blessings.  So put in that square "Prosperity,
wealth, abundance and fortunate blessings."

The top center square affects you in areas of fame and reputation.
Put "Fame and reputation" in that square.

The top right square affects you in areas of relationships, love, marriage.
Put "Relationships, love, marriage" in that square.

The center left square affects you in areas of health and family.  Put
"Health and family" in that square.

The center square affects you in areas of your unity, your centering
with the earth.  Put "Unity, centering with the earth" in that square.

The center right square affects you in areas of creativity, offspring,
projects.  Put "Creativity, offspring, projects" in that square.

The bottom left square affects you in areas of knowledge, wisdom,
self-improvement.  Put "Knowledge, wisdom, self-improvement" in
that square.

The bottom center square affects you in areas of career, life path,
the journey.  Put "Career, life path, the journey" in that square.

The bottom right square affects you in areas of helpful people,
compassion, travel.  Put "Helpful people, compassion, travel" in
that square.

Now, look at the large square and pencil in your front door at the
bottom of the square.  If your house isn't square, say it's an L-shaped
house.  Then parts of your relationships and creativity squares may
be missing.  Sometimes it is recommended to plant a tree at the
junction that would make the house a square or rectangle.

Go through your home, upstairs and down, and check to see where
you keep your clutter.  This is a very basic chart.  Feng Shui books
will offer you more in depth study, but the purpose of this article is
to alert you to the fact that if you are a pack rat, here is WHY you
should do something about it, not that you HAVE to.  We should
always be aware of how we are helping or hurting ourselves, and
how we can do more of the same if we are helping ourselves or
change it if we are hurting ourselves and/or others.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Here's what I've found to be the best methods for achieving

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