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You Want To Make Love With THIS B/ody?
~ By Jan Tincher

Copyright © Jan Tincher - All Rights reserved

So.  You have a neat relationship.  You want to take it a step
further, but you've got stretch marks from your babies.  Or
you've got moles in funny places.  Or birthmarks nobody has
seen since your grew out of diapers.  Or something else you
consider a defect.

You love your spouse, but you've been married a long time,
and you don't have the same body you had ten, twenty, thirty,
forty years ago.  Maybe you are thinking your spouse doesn't
like it anymore.

Your body grew older, but your mind didn't.  You still like s/ex,
but you noticed your partner has looked at your body

When your spouse kisses you, does he/she actually see all
those wrinkles on your face?  Your big nose?  Crooked teeth?
When he/she touches your ears, does he/she have noooo
trouble at all finding them?

Everyone has to get past something.  Once the bloom is off,
or the blinders removed, or whatever, how are you going to
handle it?

Well, with some, there's nothing to do but get past it.  I repeat,
GET PAST IT!  And guess what -- your spouse probably won't
get past it until YOU do!

On the other hand, you know where the problem comes from?
*See me tapping my head?*  Everyone is more acquainted with
their own problem than anyone else.  Therefore, where is your
mind?  On the problem you just KNOW the other person is
thinking about?  Most of the time your spouse *isn't* thinking
about it.  Unfortunately, the rest of the time your spouse kind
of senses what you are thinking about and that's where his/her
their mind goes.

Have you ever heard the saying, "People live up to your
expectations"?  Well, guess what?  If you are *expecting* them
to notice all of the above, you can pretty much figure they do.

Now, to the meat of the matter.  Before you encounter this type
of *situation* again, make a decision to do this:  Stop thinking
that way.  The minute you have those thoughts in your mind,
do the CANCEL, CANCEL technique!  You can find it here:

Then, what do you do?

Get in touch with the inner you.

Think of your good attributes.  Feel how good *that* feels!
Then, take your mind to what is important -- the feelings you
share with each other.  The *mole* might always be there.  If
that's the case, you are going to have to do what?  Get past it!

Getting past it doesn't have to be difficult.  Here's one way to
do it.  Every evening OR morning OR afternoon -- pick the time
and keep to it -- take out a tablet and a pen, preferably one
that flows beautifully.  I have a gel pen and I love it.  I keep my
tablet and pen in a portable 9" x 18" *desk.*  I open the lid,
take them out, and write on top of the desk.  It is all very

Here is what I write.  A whole page of *I love . . .*  I write down
what I love.  You can, too.  Here are some examples:  I love
my beautiful new carpeting, new bed, new car, whatever.  I
love being a mom, grandmother, dad, grandfather, lover, etc.
I love my mom, grandmother, dad, grandfather, lover, etc.
And you don't have to have the new carpeting, bed, car, or
any of the other, either.  It's the feeling you get when you write
down you love something.  This attracts what you want, or it
enhances what you already have and are acknowledging.

Once you've done this daily, for at least 21 days, then, all you
have to do is think on that experience of writing, or those
things that you write about, and a good feeling comes over

Now, are you ready for the next step?  Don't freeze up.  Let
your partner see the problem area, let them get past it, keep
showing the inner you.  Let your partner see the problem
area, let them get past it, keep showing the inner you.  Keep
it up.  All the while they are coming to terms with it, keep your
eyes on theirs, whether they are looking at yours or not.  Let
the love shine through that says, *I know there is something
different about me.  Everyone has something different about
them.  I have chosen not to let it bother me.  If you want to
get past it, I am here for you.*

Get past the *moles,* and let the inner you shine.  That's who
he/she will be making love with.  All the other is just icing.
Don't let your hang-ups hinder your love life.  Love is what
we are here for.  Making love is a part of it.

This is a lesson for all of life.  Let people see you, warts and
all, help them get past it, let the inner you shine, and enjoy

I guess if they can't get past it, you might want to learn
to say loud and clear, "NEXT!"

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Here's what I've found to be the best methods for attracting
the right relationships:


Copyright 2007, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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