hey reproducible-builds folks--

as an interested packager, but not one of the awesome people working
actively on improving debian toolchains, i wanted to know if there was
anything specific i could do as a packager now to ensure that my package
can be reproducibly built.

If there were a section on the wiki page suggesting what a packager
could do to try to test their own packages, that would be useful, and
could maybe get more feedback about reproducible builds.

I'm particularly interested in this as part of the GnuPG packaging team
right now.

It's possible, of course, that there aren't any good suggestions for
this right now, and i don't want the question to get in the way of the
awesome progress that's been made at debconf.  If the answer is "sit
tight, we'll have something you can test with soon but it's not
straightforward yet", that's a fine answer too.

Thanks to everyone who is working on this, it's an important step for
the integrity of the project.

Happy hacking,


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