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lunar pushed a change to branch pu/reproducible_builds
in repository dh-python.

        at  291978b   Document 1.20140511-1.0~reproducible1

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  fd62197   initial commit
       new  1daf796   fix vcs-field-not-canonical lintian warning
       new  2e7f631   invoke ./dh_python3 in debian/rules
       new  714508e   remove setuptools from requires.txt
       new  df19a5a   Breaks: python (<< 2.7.5-3~)
       new  51ad054   use pydist-overrides file names that are already in use
       new  476b167   customize dpkg -S queries per interpreter implementation
       new  2b14e58   dh_python*: log supported/default Python version
       new  c97bb4b   hardcode default/supported Python versions in tests
       new  604d525   test201: use distutils instead of setuptools
       new  f503c82   test 302,303: adjust to work with multiple versions
       new  5f0d045   move interpreter implementation specific definitions to
       new  c977a6a   add Interpreter.old_sitedirs
       new  046f75a   sync handling Egg files between dh_python{2,3}
       new  2460bdf   drop unused dhpython/
       new  e9c0d48   add Interpreter.parse_public_version method
       new  118e26c   move fix_locations to dhpython.fs
       new  81a5b89   add Interpreter.should_ignore method
       new  5fba165   dh_python2: add multiarch support (disabled for now)
       new  1f05573   set logger name to "dhpython"
       new  bf0b5c9   split stats['ext'] into ext_vers and ext_no_version
       new  78c479a   move dh_python{2,3}'s scan method into dhpython.fs.Scan 
       new  2c1cbe0   fix UNWANTED_DIRS to match __pycache__ (without slash)
       new  4f60957   return default version for not versioned public dir
       new  0d81890   add missing slash (i.e. fix comaring paths in shebangs)
       new  4dcb187 fix typos
       new  289b810   yet another typo
       new  87b7d9f   add Depends templates for PyPy
       new  7959b9d   add PyPy support
       new  1bf2ad4   move scripts to /usr/share, do not install 
/usr/bin/dh_python2 and its autoscript
       new  ee5b56e   add yet another debian/files to .gitignore
       new  af58900   fix setting interpreter.debug
       new  6eed51f   make sure pyversions is not needed during build
       new  4bacb35   pybuild: set detault logging level to INFO
       new  0cec57a   improve dh-python's Build-Depends
       new  abf05c1   Interpreter: enable multiarch for python2.7, fix 
       new  8341a0e   add more Interpreter tests
       new  a718ba0   Vcs-* fields now point to new dh-python alioth project
       new  2d5ef0a   add dh_pypy to package description
       new  ca1f4b7   add Stefano Rivera to Uploaders
       new  0193677   test203: hardcode mutliarch triplet via DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH
       new  1980860   nose tests: disable coverage by default
       new  9e475a7   bump python3's version in Breaks: to 3.3.2-10~
       new  b24078f   update debian/copyright (license: Expat)
       new  02514d1   upload to experimental
       new  a062496   change dh/ license to Expat
       new  fabcc04   add Replaces: python3 (<< 3.3.2-10~) back to dh-python 
binary package
       new  32b7486   fix syntax-error-in-dep5-copyright
       new  7c8d665   Ignore invalid /usr/share/python{,3}/debian_defaults
       new  ecfa099   ups, remove debug line
       new  0cfd89c   fix renaming non-default public extensions
       new  9eea74b   breaks/replaces python3 << 3.3.2-4~, upload to unstable
       new  5f5e291   Interpreter.check_extname: fix case where python2.7 is 
compiled without mutliarch support
       new  ac6ce4d   Interpreter.check_extname: ignore file is soabi and 
multiarch is already set
       new  eb3cf4c   Interpreter.check_extname: do not add multiarch triplets 
in python3.2's extensions
       new  d09f27e   pybuild.rst: update Build-Depends recomendation
       new  ef20f07   log a bit less by default
       new  7b3d141   dh_pypy: fix prerm script to remove .pyc files
       new  a3bf6a2   pybuild: fix getting Python 3.X versions (if versions 
were not specified)
       new  eb15737   dh_pypy: pass --no-run-if-empty to xargs
       new  d9c5f05   dh_pypy: fix prerm
       new  24bbf42   update debian/changelog (mention Jakub's work)
       new  69ad83a   pybuild: custom build plugin: use "preconfigured" args
       new  fab088c   pybuild: rename PYBUILD_DEBUG to PYBUILD_VERBOSE
       new  c7e6669   pybuild: pypy: run `pypy -m unittest discover -v` by 
       new  d8d6863   Makefile: add %.htm target
       new  bbe5cc3   pybuild: add --test-nose and --test-pytest options
       new  aaa3b3e   s/py.test/pytest/
       new  43dca91   pybuild.rst: extend build dependencies info
       new  a7e70ef   pybuild: set LC_ALL/http_proxy also when --system is used
       new  123459b   pybuild.rst: add override_dh_auto_test example
       new  336a22c   add fallback code to prerm-py3clean
       new  9dddce9   typo fixed
       new  7a2e62e   use find -print0  | xrags --null
       new  914b998   Do not translate X-Python{,3}-Version into Depends if 
there are no Python files in the package
       new  30e5d80   pybuild→distutils: set --root only in install step 
(closes: 719434)
       new  a391356   fix typo in
       new  af2c75a   close 719528 in changelog
       new  c67eff5 remove .pyc files in clean target
       new  1c6231c   dh_python2: cosmetics
       new  f4c87e7   log version if verbose mode is enabled
       new  efb8888   pybuild: prefer --test-nose/--test-pytest over test_suite
       new  b27cd32   changelog: add a note about removing .pyc files
       new  a617d88   pybuild: directory paths escaping fixed
       new  f1b1e77   install README.PyDist file
       new  f816020   Use libpython3-stdlib in Build-Depends
       new  b228310   Fix when PYBUILD_INTERPRETERS is set
       new  bfa31b0   fix fallback code for shlex.quote
       new  199aafb   add Barry Warsaw to Uploaders
       new  8c814e2   Mention {version.major} and {version.minor} in pybuild's 
       new  b89e48a   pybuild: add --test-tox option
       new  e24abec   pybuild: set https_proxy to if it's not set
       new  7c5b4fb   Interpreter: add default_version and binary_dv properties
       new  5ecb358   pybuild: pass Interpreter instance to {interpreter}
       new  949c749   distutils: use default interpreter symlink in install 
step if possible
       new  7a52a21   no need to check version if default is requested
       new  f5f51c9   Bump doctests s/3.2/3.3/
       new  1444b84   Make sure tests do not require python-support
       new  78c11a2   Add "dh-python" and "nosetests" autopkgtests
       new  86d403a   fix tuple → Version leftovers
       new  8e83d7b   Disable two tests in test201 dir if /usr/bin/python2.6 is 
not available
       new  3b3390f   Fix existing sed calls and add another one for dh_py* 
       new  7005d18   distutils plugin: remove build directory in clean step
       new  6649c79   pybuild: fix problem with relative paths and 
       new  eba55c3   Interpreter.binary: use self.path
       new  458d7b0   Interpreter: add suggest_pkg_name method
       new  1cccaef   pybuild: add --name option
       new  563a4ea   few minor logging changes
       new  4047064   replace python-docutils build dependency with 
       new  5ac90ac   generate interpreter dependencies for private dirs with 
extensions and without modules
       new  6797832   release 1.20130901-1
       new  b51a32b   fix Interpreter.suggest_pkg_name with non-default versions
       new  6e7cc97   dd {package} to supported variables in command templates
       new  3704808   pybuild.rst: suggest PYBUILD_NAME instead of 
       new  270dd94   replace symlinks with extensions in dist-packages only
       new  6924e0b   do not rename extensions in multiarch dirs
       new  29a976d   dh_py*: add --no-ext-rename option
       new  e3037e4   add pybuild(1) link to dh_python* manpages
       new  cc4a4f2   release 1.20130903-1
       new  af732be   dh_py*: add --requires options
       new  b36ad04   s/tranaslate/translate/, thanks pabs
       new  2bab7e0   replace ${python3:Depends} with the right interpreter name
       new  583134a   Adjust dh_python to be multiarch-friendly.
       new  55948d9   pybuild: fix --test when LC_ALL=C and contains 
non-ascii character
       new  e25e94b   dh_py: do not generate "python2" dependency
       new  37775fa   dh_py: do not generate :any dependencies for PyPy
       new  bb3ce0e   replace tab with spaces
       new  3ff2b17   dh_python{2,3}: bump minimum required python{,3}:any 
       new  c574b80   dh_python*: generate :any dependencies to specify range 
of supported Python versions
       new  b8d97a5   update test to support multiarch dependencies
       new  3990ee4   revert python-docutils build dependency change
       new  185f94c   install PyDist fallback files
       new  d94fdcf   update _fallback files
       new  40c26af   update _fallback files
       new  5148a97   pybuild: invoke detect step also when systes is already 
       new  f7e638f   distutils build plugin: use default interpreter symlink 
in build step as well as the install step (if interpreter version matches the 
default one). So that shebangs in setuptools scripts.
       new  709ac18   fix PYDIST_DPKG_SEARCH_TPLS['cpython2'] pattern
       new  3274702   dh_py*: "so" files no longer detected as extensions
       new  00945a7   pybuild: no longer fails if source directory path 
contains braces
       new  4e66b7d   Interpreter: add include_dir property
       new  a909109   Interpreter: add library_file property
       new  c8b1db7   cmake build pluging: set PYTHON_LIBRARY and 
       new  83c0fa1   update _fallback files
       new  432867e   release
       new  d950c7a   dh_python2: fix public module version detection
       new  bf2bef7   dh_python2: fix renaming debug extensions with multiarch 
       new  3404fb5   update cpython2_fallback
       new  14e0868   pybuild.rst: move dh integration section to the top
       new  a724274   autopkgtest: add python{,3}-all-dbg packages to Depends
       new  dc71d93   pyremove: remove files from old site-dirs
       new  ccc571f   dh_python3: add support for debian/package.pyremove files
       new  c3f9d75   dh_pypy: add support for debian/package.pyremove files
       new  dd1a373   fix_locations: do not change passed interpreter instance
       new  f02f6a1   dh_python3: add multiarch tuples to all already tagged 
extensions if when more than one Python 3 version is supported (closes: 733128)
       new  791609b   Make sure only first line is taken into account while 
checking shebangs
       new  fdc948d   Assume UTF-8 encoding also in non UTF-8 environments 
while opening text files
       new  63b3145   pybuild.rst: add a note about -dbg interpreters in 
       new  aa125f9   close #730777 in changelog
       new  00904d2   set install-scripts to /usr/bin by default
       new  a3efd9f   test203: test python2.7 only if python2.6 is not installed
       new  de0a941   add "~" to generated minimum required interpreter versions
       new  79b5a36   pybuild: make build logs a bit more verbose by default
       new  d9e159a   update dist fallback lists
       new  f740d73   Standards-Version bumped to 3.9.5
       new  3a061e8   add missing %s
       new  cd88851   add missing import
       new  df95bf8   release
       new  cefc3a9   debian/changelog typo fixed
       new  e0fd757   s/interpreter/i/ to keep it in sync with batch mode
       new  4b2c854   pybuild: do not invoke clean commands for missing 
       new  3f54967   share_files: do not warn about .so with correct name
       new  f3f09a8   update tests to use python3.4
       new  b011cef   required build-essential and fakeroot in autopkgtests
       new  01b39b1   Remove empty directories when moving files
       new  c0251d2   less python2.6 tests
       new  a6bf9e4   dh_python2: drop /usr/{share,lib}/pyshared
       new  72fc065   Show fix_shebang's error messages only in debug mode, 
closes: 745581
       new  a4d0620   pybuild.rst: add link to
       new  dfb4945   release
       new  55ac9d4   fix typo in pybuild manual
       new  040d78d   pybuild.rst: remove override_dh_auto_test example
       new  969772f   Ensure that Depends and the likes are written in a stable 
       new  291978b   Document 1.20140511-1.0~reproducible1

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