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lunar pushed a commit to branch pu/reproducible_builds
in repository dh-python.

commit d94fdcfb36c54fc10bf74fbf0bfc409c619e94b6
Author: Piotr Ożarowski <>
Date:   Sat Sep 28 14:58:34 2013 +0200

    update _fallback files
 pydist/cpython2_fallback | 58 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 pydist/cpython3_fallback | 14 ++++++++++--
 pydist/pypy_fallback     |  1 +
 3 files changed, 60 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pydist/cpython2_fallback b/pydist/cpython2_fallback
index d43526a..7925f07 100644
--- a/pydist/cpython2_fallback
+++ b/pydist/cpython2_fallback
@@ -5,11 +5,13 @@ argparse python (>= 2.7) | python-argparse
 pil python-imaging
 BatchModify trac-batchmodify
 Bitten trac-bitten-slave
+Blogofile blogofile
 BzrPipeline bzr-pipeline
 BzrTools bzrtools
 CDApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
 CDBashApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
 Calendar_and_Contacts_Server calendarserver
+Calypso calypso
 CedarBackup2 cedar-backup2
 CherryPy python-cherrypy3
 CherryTree cherrytree
@@ -65,8 +67,9 @@ PyWebDAV python-webdav
 PyYAML python-yaml
 Py_ python-py++
 Pygmy pygmy
+Pymacs pymacs
 Pyro4 python2-pyro4
-Pyste libboost-python1.53-dev
+Pyste libboost-python1.54-dev
 QuantLib_Python quantlib-python
 Roadmap_Plugin trac-roadmap
 RunSnakeRun runsnakerun
@@ -74,6 +77,7 @@ ScientificPython python-scientific
 Shinken shinken-core
 Sonata sonata
 South python-django-south
+TaskCoach taskcoach
 TcosConfigurator tcos-configurator
 The_FreeSmartphone_Framework_Daemon fso-frameworkd
 TileStache tilestache
@@ -84,6 +88,7 @@ TracAuthOpenId trac-authopenid
 TracBzr trac-bzr
 TracCodeComments trac-codecomments
 TracCustomFieldAdmin trac-customfieldadmin
+TracDateField trac-datefieldplugin
 TracGit trac-git
 TracHTTPAuth trac-httpauth
 TracIncludeMacro trac-includemacro
@@ -100,6 +105,7 @@ TranslatedPages trac-translatedpages
 UnknownHorizons unknown-horizons
 VMDKstream vmdk-stream-converter
 VirtualMailManager vmm
+WikiTableMacro trac-wikitablemacro
 WordPress_Library python-wordpresslib
 X_Tile x-tile
 ZODB3 python-zodb
@@ -109,7 +115,7 @@ alembic alembic
 allmydata_tahoe tahoe-lafs
 ansible ansible
 apache_libcloud python-libcloud
-apparmor apparmor-utils
+apparmor apparmor-easyprof
 apt_clone apt-clone
 aptoncd aptoncd
 arandr arandr
@@ -137,6 +143,7 @@ beautifulsoup4 python-bs4
 bicyclerepair bicyclerepair
 binwalk binwalk
 bley bley
+bmap_tools bmap-tools
 bookletimposer bookletimposer
 bpython bpython
 buildbot buildbot
@@ -161,35 +168,43 @@ carbon graphite-carbon
 cardstories cardstories
 cecilia cecilia
 cfget cfget
+chirp chirp
 chm2pdf chm2pdf
 cliff_tablib cliff-tablib
+closure_linter closure-linter
 cloud_init cloud-init
 cmdtest cmdtest
+core_python core-network-daemon
+core_python_netns core-network-daemon
+corens3_python core-network-daemon
 cssmin cssmin
 cvs2svn cvs2svn
+cwm python-swap
 datapm datapm
 dblatex dblatex
 deluge deluge-common
 dicompyler dicompyler
 dispcalGUI dispcalgui
 dissy dissy
-django_ajax_selects django-ajax-selects
+django_ajax_selects python-ajax-select
 django_appconf python-appconf
 django_compressor python-compressor
+django_filter python-django-filters
 django_openstack_auth python-openstack-auth
 django_tastypie python-tastypie
 djextdirect python-django-extdirect
 dkimpy python-dkim
 doxyqml doxyqml
-driconf driconf
 dtrx dtrx
 duplicity duplicity
+dvbobjects opencaster
 eficas eficas
 ensymble ensymble
 epigrass epigrass
 epoptes epoptes
 euca2ools euca2ools
 explorer bzr-explorer
+fko libfko-python
 flickrfs flickrfs
 fontypython fontypython
 frescobaldi frescobaldi
@@ -220,14 +235,16 @@ gnomecatalog gnomecatalog
 gnuplot_py python-gnuplot
 go2 go2
 gourmet gourmet
-gozerplugs gozerbot-plugins
 graphite_web graphite-web
+grokmirror grokmirror
 gunicorn gunicorn
+gvb gvb
+gyp gyp
 hgnested mercurial-nested
-hitchhhiker hitchhiker
 httpcode httpcode
 httpie httpie
 hyde hyde
+icalview trac-icalviewplugin
 identicurse identicurse
 imposm.parser python-imposm-parser
 ioprofiler ioapps
@@ -236,11 +253,11 @@ ipython ipython
 isoquery isoquery
 jsonpatch python-json-patch
 jsonpointer python-json-pointer
-juju juju
 kedpm kedpm
 keepnote keepnote
 key_mon key-mon
 keymapper keymapper
+keysync keysync
 kiki kiki
 lazygal lazygal
 legit legit
@@ -258,11 +275,14 @@ mailnag mailnag
 mayavi mayavi2
 mcomix mcomix
 mecab_python python-mecab
+melange python-cream.melange
 mercurial mercurial-common
 mercurial_keyring mercurial-keyring
 mingc python-ming
 mitmproxy mitmproxy
+mod_python libapache2-mod-python
 moin python-moinmoin
+monkeysign monkeysign
 moosic moosic
 mozilla_devscripts mozilla-devscripts
 mpDris mpdris
@@ -273,6 +293,7 @@ neso tryton-neso
 netsnmp_python python-netsnmp
 nml nml
 nxt_python python-nxt
+obfsproxy obfsproxy
 obnam obnam
 oboinus oboinus
 odfpy python-odf
@@ -281,8 +302,6 @@ oidua oidua
 ooo2dbk ooo2dbk
 ooolib_python python-ooolib
 openbmap_logger openbmap-logger
-openoffice_python python-openoffice
-openstack.common python-openstack-common
 osc osc
 pam python-pampy
 pbundler pbundler
@@ -301,14 +320,18 @@ prewikka prewikka
 proteus tryton-proteus
 ptex2tex ptex2tex
 purity_ng purity-ng
+pyCardDAV pycarddav
+pyExcelerator python-excelerator
 pyFAI pyfai
 pyLibravatar python-libravatar
 pyOwnCloud python-owncloud
+py_Asterisk python-asterisk
 py_pypcap python-pypcap
 py_rrdtool python-rrdtool
 pyacidobasic python-acidobasic
 pyacoustid python-acoustid
 pyblosxom pyblosxom
+pybridge pybridge
 pybugz bugz
 pychecker pychecker
 pychess pychess
@@ -319,8 +342,10 @@ pydicom python-dicom
 pydns python-dns
 pyenchant python-enchant
 pyepr python-epr
+pyflakes pyflakes
 pygmi wmii
 pygobject python-gi
+pygopherd pygopherd
 pygpgme python-gpgme
 pygpiv python-gpiv
 pygrib python-grib
@@ -344,10 +369,12 @@ pyserial python-serial
 pysnmp python-pysnmp4
 pysnmp_apps python-pysnmp4-apps
 pysnmp_mibs python-pysnmp4-mibs
+pysparse python-sparse
 pyspf python-spf
-pysqlite python-sqlite
+pysqlite python-pysqlite2
 pysubnettree python-subnettree
 pytagsfs pytagsfs
+pytcpwrap python-tcpwrap
 python_libgearman python-gearman.libgearman
 python_logging_extra python-loggingx
 python_memcached python-memcache
@@ -356,6 +383,7 @@ pytimechart pytimechart
 pytz python-tz
 pyusb python-usb
 pyweblib python-weblib
+pyxdg python-xdg
 pyxp wmii
 pyzmq python-zmq
 qbzr qbzr
@@ -376,6 +404,7 @@ remuco remuco-base
 roundup roundup
 rpl rpl
 salt salt-common
+scikit_learn python-sklearn
 screenkey screenkey
 seivot seivot
 sensitivetickets trac-sensitivetickets
@@ -388,6 +417,7 @@ slip.dbus python-slip-dbus
 slip.gtk python-slip-gtk
 smart python-smartpm
 snimpy snimpy
+snmpsim snmpsim
 soundgrain soundgrain
 spambayes spambayes
 specto specto
@@ -399,7 +429,9 @@ sphinxcontrib_seqdiag python-sphinxcontrib.seqdiag
 spyder python-spyderlib
 spykeviewer spykeviewer
 sqlalchemy_migrate python-migrate
+ssh_import_id ssh-import-id
 summain summain
+supervisor supervisor
 suricatasc suricata
 swift3 swift-plugin-s3
 synaptiks kde-config-touchpad
@@ -464,16 +496,18 @@ trytond_stock_supply tryton-modules-stock-supply
 trytond_stock_supply_day tryton-modules-stock-supply-day
 trytond_timesheet tryton-modules-timesheet
 ttb ttb
-turpial turpial
 turses turses
 txLibravatar python-twisted-libravatar
+typecatcher typecatcher
 ubuntu_dev_tools ubuntu-dev-tools
 udev_discover udev-discover
 ufw ufw
+unittest_xml_reporting python-xmlrunner
 urlscan urlscan
 vamos undertaker
 virtaal virtaal
 virtualbricks virtualbricks
+virtualenv_clone virtualenv-clone
 virtualenvwrapper virtualenvwrapper
 wammu wammu python-webpy
@@ -486,9 +520,11 @@ wxPython_common python-wxgtk2.8
 wxgeometrie wxgeometrie
 xdot xdot
 xml_marshaller python-xmlmarshaller
+xpra_all xpra
 yokadi yokadi
 youtube_dl youtube-dl
 yum_metadata_parser python-sqlitecachec
+zeitgeist_explorer zeitgeist-explorer
 zenmap zenmap
 zeroinstall_injector zeroinstall-injector
 zim zim
diff --git a/pydist/cpython3_fallback b/pydist/cpython3_fallback
index 6a89e47..8f70acc 100644
--- a/pydist/cpython3_fallback
+++ b/pydist/cpython3_fallback
@@ -1,4 +1,7 @@
 setuptools python3-pkg-resources
+CDApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
+CDBashApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
+CherryPy python3-cherrypy3
 Cython cython3
 Kyoto_Cabinet python3-kyotocabinet
 Magic_file_extensions python3-magic
@@ -8,18 +11,25 @@ PyStemmer python3-stemmer
 PyYAML python3-yaml
 beautifulsoup4 python3-bs4
 bpython bpython3
+brebis brebis
 devscripts devscripts
 dkimpy python3-dkim
 dnspython3 python3-dnspython
 ipython ipython3
+jsonpatch python3-json-patch
+jsonpointer python3-json-pointer
+kazam kazam
+py3dns python3-dns
 pyOpenSSL python3-openssl
 py_postgresql python3-postgresql
 pycrypto python3-crypto
-pydns python3-dns
 pyenchant python3-enchant
 pyepr python3-epr
+pyflakes pyflakes
 pygobject python3-gi
+pygrib python3-grib
 pygtkspellcheck python3-gtkspellcheck
+pyliblo python3-liblo
 pypolicyd_spf postfix-policyd-spf-python
 pyppd pyppd
 pyserial python3-serial
@@ -27,8 +37,8 @@ pyspf python3-spf
 pysubnettree python3-subnettree
 python3_libgearman python3-gearman.libgearman
 pytz python3-tz
+pyxdg python3-xdg
 pyzmq python3-zmq
 shatag shatag
-stem python-stem
 uucp_lmtp uucp-lmtp
 zeroinstall_injector zeroinstall-injector
diff --git a/pydist/pypy_fallback b/pydist/pypy_fallback
index e69de29..519c853 100644
--- a/pydist/pypy_fallback
+++ b/pydist/pypy_fallback
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+beautifulsoup4 pypy-bs4

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