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lunar pushed a commit to branch pu/reproducible_builds
in repository dh-python.

commit d9e159a8935b8223bdef9b675d18223b2aead9fd
Author: Piotr Ożarowski <>
Date:   Tue Jan 28 18:00:22 2014 +0100

    update dist fallback lists
 pydist/cpython2_fallback | 48 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 pydist/cpython3_fallback | 18 +++++++++++++++++-
 pydist/pypy_fallback     |  1 +
 3 files changed, 52 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pydist/cpython2_fallback b/pydist/cpython2_fallback
index e9e43fa..3091281 100644
--- a/pydist/cpython2_fallback
+++ b/pydist/cpython2_fallback
@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ BzrTools bzrtools
 CDApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
 CDBashApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
 Calendar_and_Contacts_Server calendarserver
-Calypso calypso
 CedarBackup2 cedar-backup2
 CherryPy python-cherrypy3
 CherryTree cherrytree
@@ -28,6 +27,7 @@ FeinCMS python-django-feincms
 GaussSum gausssum
 GitPython python-git
+Glances glances
 ISO8583_Module python-iso8583
 Ibid ibid
 Isenkram isenkram
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ OdtExportPlugin trac-odtexport
 PIDA pida
 Patool patool
 Photon photon
+Pillow python-pil
 PreludeEasy python-prelude
 Pwman3 pwman3
 PyAIML python-aiml
@@ -66,15 +67,13 @@ PyWavelets python-pywt
 PyWebDAV python-webdav
 PyYAML python-yaml
 Py_ python-py++
-Pygmy pygmy
 Pymacs pymacs
 Pyro4 python2-pyro4
-Pyste libboost-python1.54-dev
+Pyste libboost-python1.55-dev
 QuantLib_Python quantlib-python
 Roadmap_Plugin trac-roadmap
 RunSnakeRun runsnakerun
 ScientificPython python-scientific
-Shinken shinken-core
 Sonata sonata
 South python-django-south
 TaskCoach taskcoach
@@ -117,6 +116,7 @@ ansible ansible
 apache_libcloud python-libcloud
 apparmor apparmor-easyprof
 apt_clone apt-clone
+aptfs aptfs
 aptoncd aptoncd
 arandr arandr
 archipel_agent_action_scheduler archipel-agent-action-scheduler
@@ -138,6 +138,7 @@ arista arista
 assword assword
 atheist atheist
 autokey autokey-common
+automx automx
 barman barman
 beautifulsoup4 python-bs4
 bicyclerepair bicyclerepair
@@ -146,23 +147,23 @@ bley bley
 bmap_tools bmap-tools
 bookletimposer bookletimposer
 bpython bpython
+bugs_everywhere bugs-everywhere
 buildbot buildbot
 buildbot_slave buildbot-slave
 burn burn
 bzr python-bzrlib
 bzr_builddeb bzr-builddeb
 bzr_cia cia-clients
-bzr_dbus bzr-dbus
 bzr_email bzr-email
 bzr_etckeeper etckeeper
 bzr_fastimport bzr-fastimport
 bzr_git bzr-git
-bzr_gtk bzr-gtk
 bzr_search bzr-search
 bzr_stats bzr-stats
 bzr_tweet bzr-tweet
 bzr_upload bzr-upload
 bzr_xmloutput bzr-xmloutput
+calypso calypso
 cappuccino cappuccino
 carbon graphite-carbon
 cardstories cardstories
@@ -183,11 +184,13 @@ cwm python-swap
 datapm datapm
 dblatex dblatex
 deluge deluge-common
+dh_virtualenv dh-virtualenv
 dicompyler dicompyler
 dispcalGUI dispcalgui
 dissy dissy
 django_ajax_selects python-ajax-select
 django_appconf python-appconf
+django_bootstrap_form python-bootstrapform
 django_compressor python-compressor
 django_filter python-django-filters
 django_openstack_auth python-openstack-auth
@@ -195,6 +198,7 @@ django_tastypie python-tastypie
 djextdirect python-django-extdirect
 dkimpy python-dkim
 doxyqml doxyqml
+driconf driconf
 dtrx dtrx
 duplicity duplicity
 dvbobjects opencaster
@@ -215,6 +219,7 @@ fts_ltsp fts-ltsp-ldap
 fts_opsi fts-opsi
 funkload funkload
 fuse_python python-fuse
+futures python-concurrent.futures
 gameclock gameclock
 gaphor gaphor
 gastablesgui gastables
@@ -235,7 +240,9 @@ gnomecatalog gnomecatalog
 gnuplot_py python-gnuplot
 go2 go2
 google_api_python_client python-googleapi
+googlecl googlecl
 gourmet gourmet
+gquilt gquilt
 graphite_web graphite-web
 grokmirror grokmirror
 gunicorn gunicorn
@@ -253,7 +260,6 @@ ioprofiler ioapps
 iotop iotop
 ipython ipython
 isoquery isoquery
-jsonpatch python-json-patch
 jsonpointer python-json-pointer
 kedpm kedpm
 keepnote keepnote
@@ -263,12 +269,13 @@ keysync keysync
 kiki kiki
 lazygal lazygal
 legit legit
-libsbml libsbml5-python
+libvirt_python python-libvirt
 lio lio-utils
 llnl_babel python-sidl
 llnl_babel_sidl_sidlx python-sidl
 llvmpy python-llvm
 loggerhead loggerhead
+logster logster
 lptools lptools
 lshell lshell
 ludev_t ludevit
@@ -280,6 +287,7 @@ mecab_python python-mecab
 melange python-cream.melange
 mercurial mercurial-common
 mercurial_keyring mercurial-keyring
+metastudent metastudent
 mingc python-ming
 mitmproxy mitmproxy
 mod_python libapache2-mod-python
@@ -288,7 +296,7 @@ monkeysign monkeysign
 moosic moosic
 mozilla_devscripts mozilla-devscripts
 mpDris mpdris
-msgpack_python msgpack-python
+msgpack_python python-msgpack
 mysql_utilities mysql-utilities
 nautilus_pastebin nautilus-pastebin
 neso tryton-neso
@@ -305,6 +313,7 @@ ooo2dbk ooo2dbk
 ooolib_python python-ooolib
 openbmap_logger openbmap-logger
 osc osc
+pYsearch python-yahoo
 pam python-pampy
 pbundler pbundler
 pdfshuffler pdfshuffler
@@ -319,26 +328,27 @@ pondus pondus
 preprocess preprocess
 presage_dbus_service presage-dbus
 prewikka prewikka
-proteus tryton-proteus
 ptex2tex ptex2tex
 purity_ng purity-ng
-pyCardDAV pycarddav
 pyExcelerator python-excelerator
 pyFAI pyfai
 pyLibravatar python-libravatar
 pyOwnCloud python-owncloud
+pySFML python-sfml
 py_Asterisk python-asterisk
 py_bcrypt python-bcrypt
 py_pypcap python-pypcap
 py_rrdtool python-rrdtool
 pyacidobasic python-acidobasic
 pyacoustid python-acoustid
+pyalsaaudio python-alsaaudio
 pyblosxom pyblosxom
 pybridge pybridge
 pybugz bugz
 pychecker pychecker
 pychess pychess
 pyclips python-clips
+pycollada python-collada
 pycrypto python-crypto
 pycups python-cups
 pydicom python-dicom
@@ -357,16 +367,20 @@ pygts python-gts
 pyliblo python-liblo
 pylibpcap python-libpcap
 pylibtiff python-libtiff
+pylint pylint
 pylogsparser python-logsparser
 pymecavideo python-mecavideo
+pymia python-mia
 pymilter python-milter
 pymol pymol
+pymtbl python-mtbl
 pyneighborhood pyneighborhood
 pyp pyp
 pyparallel python-parallel
 pyprompter pyprompter
+pyqi pyqi
 pyremctl python-remctl
-pysane python-imaging-sane
+pysane python-sane
 pysatellites python-satellites
 pyserial python-serial
 pysnmp python-pysnmp4
@@ -404,9 +418,11 @@ rdiff_backup rdiff-backup
 rebuildd rebuildd
 recaptcha_client python-recaptcha
 remuco remuco-base
+requests_aws python-awsauth
 roundup roundup
 rpl rpl
 salt salt-common
+scikit_image python-skimage
 scikit_learn python-sklearn
 screenkey screenkey
 seivot seivot
@@ -500,12 +516,11 @@ trytond_stock_supply tryton-modules-stock-supply
 trytond_stock_supply_day tryton-modules-stock-supply-day
 trytond_timesheet tryton-modules-timesheet
 ttb ttb
+turpial turpial
 turses turses
-txLibravatar python-twisted-libravatar
 typecatcher typecatcher
 ubuntu_dev_tools ubuntu-dev-tools
 udev_discover udev-discover
-ufw ufw
 unittest_xml_reporting python-xmlrunner
 urlscan urlscan
 vamos undertaker
@@ -513,9 +528,11 @@ virtaal virtaal
 virtualbricks virtualbricks
 virtualenv_clone virtualenv-clone
 virtualenvwrapper virtualenvwrapper
+volatility volatility
 wammu wammu python-webpy
 weboob python-weboob-core
+websocket_client python-websocket
 websockify websockify
 whyteboard whyteboard
 wikipediafs wikipediafs
@@ -524,8 +541,11 @@ wxPython_common python-wxgtk2.8
 wxgeometrie wxgeometrie
 xapers xapers
 xdot xdot
+xgflib xgridfit
+xmds2 xmds2
 xml_marshaller python-xmlmarshaller
 xpra_all xpra
+yara_python python-yara
 yokadi yokadi
 youtube_dl youtube-dl
 yum_metadata_parser python-sqlitecachec
diff --git a/pydist/cpython3_fallback b/pydist/cpython3_fallback
index 539802c..ed20695 100644
--- a/pydist/cpython3_fallback
+++ b/pydist/cpython3_fallback
@@ -1,27 +1,34 @@
 setuptools python3-pkg-resources
+Attic attic
 CDApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
 CDBashApplet cairo-dock-dbus-plug-in-interface-python
 CherryPy python3-cherrypy3
 Cython cython3
 Kyoto_Cabinet python3-kyotocabinet
 Magic_file_extensions python3-magic
+Pillow python3-pil
 PyHamcrest python3-hamcrest
 PyICU python3-icu
+PyOpenGL python3-opengl
 PyStemmer python3-stemmer
 PyYAML python3-yaml
 beautifulsoup4 python3-bs4
 bpython bpython3
 brebis brebis
+debmake debmake
 devscripts devscripts
 dkimpy python3-dkim
 dnspython3 python3-dnspython
+gtimelog gtimelog
 ipython ipython3
-jsonpatch python3-json-patch
 jsonpointer python3-json-pointer
 kazam kazam
+menulibre menulibre
 msgpack_python python3-msgpack
 py3dns python3-dns
+pyLibravatar python3-libravatar
 pyOpenSSL python3-openssl
+pySFML python3-sfml
 py_bcrypt python3-bcrypt
 py_postgresql python3-postgresql
 pycrypto python3-crypto
@@ -32,18 +39,27 @@ pygobject python3-gi
 pygrib python3-grib
 pygtkspellcheck python3-gtkspellcheck
 pyliblo python3-liblo
+pymia python3-mia
 pypolicyd_spf postfix-policyd-spf-python
 pyppd pyppd
+pysane python3-sane
 pyserial python3-serial
 pysnmp python3-pysnmp4
 pyspf python3-spf
 pysubnettree python3-subnettree
+pytaglib python3-taglib
 python3_libgearman python3-gearman.libgearman
 python_graph_core python3-pygraph
 python_graph_dot python3-pygraph
 pytz python3-tz
 pyxdg python3-xdg
 pyzmq python3-zmq
+requests_aws python3-awsauth
+rhythmbox_ampache rhythmbox-ampache
+scikit_image python3-skimage
 shatag shatag
+ufw ufw
+unattended_upgrades unattended-upgrades
 uucp_lmtp uucp-lmtp
+yara_python python3-yara
 zeroinstall_injector zeroinstall-injector
diff --git a/pydist/pypy_fallback b/pydist/pypy_fallback
index 519c853..6d54494 100644
--- a/pydist/pypy_fallback
+++ b/pydist/pypy_fallback
@@ -1 +1,2 @@
 beautifulsoup4 pypy-bs4
+pyzmq pypy-zmq

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