Jeroen Dekkers:
> Jérémy actually already wrote a patch for dpkg-buildpackage to export
> But if we want to push these things upstream, wouldn't it be better to
> remove the DEB_ prefix from the name of the environment variable?

This is unrelated. DEB_BUILD_TIMESTAMP is meant to be consumed by dpkg.
If libgpg-error build system needs to be fed with a timestamp, it would
need to be through another environment variable. In that case,
debian/rules should probably take care of feeding the right value.

But, sincerely, I believe the right move for upstream would be to get
rid of the embedded timestamp entirely. Embedding a Git commit id would
make much more sense (and mabye its date) than embedding the time of the

PS: Please call me Lunar.

PPS: If we start bikeshedding on every patch, there's not even the
slightest chance we will get to the point where build reproducibility is
actually a Debian feature. We need to trust maintainers to do the right

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