During the discussions at DebConf14, there was an agreement on two

1. A new control file with the .buildinfo extension will be defined to
record the environment, the source of the package and the products of
the build.

2. Given the complexity of making build reproducible when builds happen in
different paths, we define a canonical build path for Debian. This will
make it easier to install sources ready to use by gdb. The idea for the
latter was to use paths like `/usr/src/debian/hello-2.8-1`.

For the time being, no one came up with a patch for pbuilder or sbuild
to switch to the proposed location. It was also proven that proot was
too unreliable to make it as pervasive as fakeroot as a way to “fake”
the current directory.

While I still think it would be a good idea to write these patches and
push for a canonical build location, I am now thinking that there's a
way to be a bit more flexible. If we would record the build path as part
of the environment in the .buildinfo, the (yet-to-be-written) `srebuild`
script could unpack the source in that location and simply build it from

What do you think?

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