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Jonas Smedegaard:
> I am not a VIm user, however, and its hardcoded use of that editor is
> strongly discouraging for me (no, I do not use emacs either).
> Please consider recoding¹ to not rely on VIm-specific features, to
> appeal also to users of other interactive editors.

Feel free to provide another way to generate HTML diffs in a reasonable
amount of time (Python html diff is out of the picture) which
are readable. I've looked a bit before hacking the current solution and
nothing worked out.

Users of debbindiff don't need to know anything about vim. Vim is not
used as an editor at all. I don't see why it would be problematic to
depend on vim as an external tool, and how it would differ from msgunfmt
(gettext package) which is needed to process .mo files.

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