Holger Levsen:
> commit 8e6f562714fa51dc6386c8035e5b59653bc60d1b
> Author: Holger Levsen <hol...@layer-acht.org>
> Date:   Sat Feb 7 11:36:55 2015 +0100
>     add new issue, randomness_in_gnu_build_id and, so far, two packages 
> affected by it: encfs and bacula

This does not help. Build ID differs because the content of the binary
on which it has been calculated differs [1]. It's only random if there is
randomness in the content.

Just writing “randomness_in_gnu_build_id” is equivalent to “something is
different” between the compiled binaries. Not a good categorization.

 [1] Unless the build system diverges from the default. See
     `--build-id` in

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