looking at https://reproducible.debian.net/stats_bugs.png I mostly and 
foremost think "yay" or rather "yay yay yay!" :) And then I also cannot deny 
that I'm getting a little bit uncomfortable because I believe this is 
undeniably (and thankfully!) a mass bug filing by us!
(Even though mostly done by a few people, you know who you are and you're 

So I think we should do a post to debian-devel-announce soonish to formalize 
announce (and discuss) this mass bug filing but also and foremost announce the 
huge progresses we made.

The following is a suggestion which I'm not entirely happy with, feedback much 
welcome. I think we should probably move this to etherpad/gobby and 
fisnih/rewrite it collaborativly there.

Subject: Reproducible Builds - a proof of concept showing 83% success 
To: debian-devel-annou...@lists.debian.org
CC: reproducible-builds@lists.alioth.debian.org


this is ment as a short pointer to the "Reproducible Builds" project as 
described in detail on https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds - in short, 
reproducible builds are about enabling everyone to confirm independently that 
a given binary .deb was build from a specified source .dsc.

We have been making many great progresses recently, as you might have heard at 
the last FOSDEM. A summary is available in interview form at 
https://fosdem.org/2015/interviews/2015-holger-levsen/ - this interview was 
team work, even though it doesn't look like ;-)

If you look at the second graph in 
https://reproducible.debian.net/reproducible.html you will also see that we 
have been filing a large amount of (wishlist) bugs (each with a patch) 
recently, which could be seen as unannounced mass bug filing, if it werent for 
announcements and discussions at FOSDEM14+15 and DebConf14.

You might also have noticed that reproducible builds have been integrated into 
tracker.d.o, the Debian Developer's Package Overview (DDPO) and the Debian 
Maintainer Dashboard (DMD).

Currently reproducible builds for Debian are still in the phase where we are 
investigating the best approach. If you are interested to help, please start 
by reading https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds/Contribute

Once jessie is released we plan to make reproducible builds a proper release 
goal for stretch, but we would like to postpone *this* discussion until jessie 
is out for real.

That said, we welcome you to discuss the project now by following up to 
debian-de...@lists.debian.org, just please keep reproducible-
bui...@lists.alioth.debian.org cc:ed for those who are not subscribed to 

yours sincerely,
  $list_of_names / the Debian reproducible builds team

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