I added a lot of stuff to the pad. Not sure if everything is relevant,
but yet, imho is nice to have.

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 1:43 PM, Johannes Schauer <jo...@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Quoting Holger Levsen (2015-02-08 12:48:51)
>> If you look at the second graph in
>> https://reproducible.debian.net/reproducible.html
> Maybe link to the image directly as you did in this email? I found this easier
> to follow than clicking that link and then scrolling first.

I'd not like it: the first link is a link to the wiki, no directly to an image.
+ linking the rb.d.n homepage means that people will go and enjoy a
tour of the site, something harder with just linking the image.

> Unfortunately there
> is no id attribute in the html that would allow linking directly to the
> position on the page.

This can be easily fixed, if there is the need.

>> you will also see that we have been filing a large amount of (wishlist) bugs
>> (each with a patch) recently,
> Maybe it would be nice to actually give a number here.
> I found the number using this:
> for f in toolchain infrastructure timestamps fileordering buildpath username 
> hostname uname randomness cpu buildinfo; do bts select tag:$f 
> users:reproducible-builds@lists.alioth.debian.org; done | sort -u | wc -l
> maybe there's a better or more correct way to find out.

That number are on https://reproducible.debian.net/index_stats.html
added the number.

>> which could be seen as unannounced mass bug filing, if it werent for
>> announcements and discussions at FOSDEM14+15 and DebConf14.
>> You might also have noticed that reproducible builds have been integrated 
>> into
>> tracker.d.o, the Debian Developer's Package Overview (DDPO) and the Debian
>> Maintainer Dashboard (DMD).
> I actually didn't notice all of these so I would've appreciated with a tad 
> more
> information of what changed:
>    Reproducible builds have been integrated into
>      * tracker.d.o: for unreproducible packages in the "links" box under
>        "buildd"
>      * Debian Developer's Package Overview (DDPO): a column "Rep" which is
>        shared with the column for "CI" will show unreproducibility or FTBTFS
>      * Debian Maintainer Dashboard (DMD): the table "Quality Assurance Checks"
>        got a new column "reproducible"
> This way, the information is also more structured than all in a single
> paragraph.

yay, added too :)

>> Currently reproducible builds for Debian are still in the phase where we are
>> investigating the best approach. If you are interested to help, please start
>> by reading https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds/Contribute
> The ReproducibleBuilds/Contribute page does not say anything about the current
> approach or problems with it or what was tried or directly where improvement 
> is
> needed - so what is the connection for it to be in the same paragraph? In any
> case I'd like to expand on the "best approach" idea more, either by giving the
> right resource listing the current or other possible approaches or by giving a
> short list of open questions and doubts.
> For example, guillem mentioned some drawbacks of reproducible builds and I
> think it would be good to not loose them to find the "best approach".

umh, I don't this this fit the email. Maybe somebody should add some
information/references on that wiki page.

> Could somebody clarify the release goals for me? I didn't see any for Jessie
> but maybe they were never discussed on debian-devel. I see the call for 
> release
> goals:
> To me it seems as if the idea of release goals just silently got dropped at
> some point.

Looks the same to me, but I'm too young, maybe somebody else can reply to this.

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