Quoting Holger Levsen (2015-02-13 17:10:31)
> On Samstag, 7. Februar 2015, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
> > I think it really is not helpful. It's like having a category
> > “needs_more_work_to_understand_the_problem”.
> actually I think such a category, or even such categories, would be helpful.
> I wouldnt want to work on this though if I'm the only person who thinks so.

I also think that an issue "needs_more_work" would be helpful.

While mentoring akira, we were looking for packages that don't have any notes
attached which are easily spottable in the web interface. Then I heard from
Helmut that libtool needs some love. But we would've never looked at libtool
because it already has some notes. If there was the "needs_more_work" tag then
together with a textual explanation in packages.yml, one could also have the
possibility to look for packages that have notes but need more investigation.

Conversely, when looking at a package we'd often not attempt to solve it at all
if we cannot completely solve the issue because if we only add a note for one
part of the problem, then one might later think that since the package has a
note attached, it is fully understood and not look into it further. For this it
would be nice if one could attach one known issue to a package and also put
"needs_more_work" to indicate that while one part was done, more investigation
is needed.

cheers, josch

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