After today's status mail, I checked the DD List and found a few packages of 

One, pymilter [1], is listed due to timestamps in Doxygen generated 
documentation.  Although the root cause is described as "If Doxyfile contains 
HTML_TIMESTAMP = YES, Doxygen will add a timestamp to its generated 
documentation",  the actual problem as seen in the diff [2] is timestamps in 
the Latex documentation.

I did check the upstream documentation [3] and Doxygen does not appear to offer 
an option to suppress timestamps in document types other than HTML.  

I think reproducible builds is a great idea and will certainly see what I can 
do to implement it in packages I maintain, but I lack the time to deal with 
issues such as this.


Scott K
P. S.  Please cc me on any replies as I am not subscribed.


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