Quoting Helmut Grohne (2015-02-14 21:14:41)
> A limitation of rebootstrap currently is that it can only output a build log.
> Thus I embed the debbindiffs into the log. This is cumbersome to read, since
> they are unrendered html. Having a plain text output mode would make reading
> these logs way easier. Not as easy as the html rendered presentation, but
> still more useful.
> I therefore ask to add a plain text output mode.

while looking into issues found by jenkins, we sometimes wanted to find all
packages that have differences in a certain file/path or where the path matches
a specific pattern or where the diff matches a certain regex.

Maybe a text based format could use more easily greppable symbol sequences that
are unlikely to appear anywhere in the diff to help this use case?

I didn't implement a machine readable output yet because I was lacking ideas of
how one would represent a diff in a machine readable manner. The current
two-column output is suboptimal for that.

cheers, josch

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