On 02/16/2015 02:29 AM, Holger Levsen wrote:
given that there are 286 packages affected by the problem, what do you think
about uploading a fixed doxygen package to our repo? ;-)

Most of the 286 packages suffer from HTML timestamps and not from Latex timestamps that my patch addresses.

The default for HTML_TIMESTAMP in upstream doxygen is to enable timestamps and my patch for LATEX_TIMESTAMP does the same. Thus, making an upload to the experimental repository with my patch for LATEX_TIMESTAMP support will not automatically fix all affected packages.

I can make an upload of doxygen with HTML_TIMESTAMP and LATEX_TIMESTAMP defaults changed to not embedding timestamps. But if doxygen upstream is unwilling to change the default or if the maintainers of doxygen in Debian are unwilling to deviate from upstream in this, then the upload would not make much sense and instead it would hide a problem.

Furthermore the Doxyfile configuration file embedded in each package using doxygen is often copied from the upstream defaults and thus enables HTML_TIMESTAMP. The following query on codesearch.d.n shows that 277 source packages are affected:

So no matter whether my patch to doxygen is applied or not, these 277 source packages will either need individual fixes or a change to doxygen which allows to ignore the setting of HTML_TIMESTAMP in Doxyfile. I can implement this but this again has to be discussed with the Debian maintainers and doxygen upstream.

Cheers, akira

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