On 2015-02-16, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Samstag, 14. Februar 2015, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:

>> One patch sets the build dir to a static location based on the package
>> version, rather than a tempdir with a random string.
>> The other patch ignores .buildinfo files in the .changes when displaying
>> package contents. Without it, the build status gets set to "attempted"
>> and is treated as a failed build:
> cool! I think it would be good if you could file a wishlist bug against 
> sbuild 
> ("please add support for reproducible building of packages with sbuild") and 
> attach the patches there, so they do get lost.

Ok, I'll submit bugs about it so that they do *not* get lost. :)

> the current setup on jenkins.d.n just uses pbuilder twice. Maybe we should 
> use 
> sbuild once and pbuilder once? Could you help us with patches for that too? I 
> at least have no clue about sbuild whatsoever ;-) We'd need to use our custom 
> repo anyway, so using an sbuild rebuild plus your two patches is rather 
> trivial...

The patch that configures the build dir would have to be rewritten for
that to work; sbuild seems to hard-code /build/ in a number of places ,
rather than the proposed /usr/src/debian/PACKAGE-VERSION; I'm not sure
what directory pbuilder is configured to use.

Also, pbuilder and sbuild would need to ensure the same exact package
set from build dependencies; there are various different dependency
resolvers which might result in differences that could cause

Could also add a third (and/or fourth) build with sbuild, to catch
issues where a package is rebuildable with pbuilder or sbuilder, but
doesn't produce consistant results when built once with pbuilder and
once with sbuild...

> git clone ssh://git.debian.org/git/qa/jenkins.debian.net.git and then check 
> bin/reproducible_build.sh line 193 and 207 to see how pbuilder is used.
> Using sbuild once instead should be trivial, no? ;-)

With the above two issues (and perhaps other undiscovered issues) fixed,
it should be as simple as replacing:

  pbuild --build ... --distribution sid ${SRCPACKAGE}_*.dsc


  sbuild --chroot sid ${SRCPACKAGE}_*.dsc

With appropriately configured sbuild/schroot chroots.

live well,

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