Paul Wise:
> The output when directly comparing two tarballs contains the temporary
> paths used. This leaks the debbindiff user's TMP variable into the
> report and is also ugly. I suggest changing to just showing filenames.
> Current:
> /tmp/user/1000/tmpFsxqeVdebbindiff/flasm_1.62-6.debian.tar vs.
> /tmp/user/1000/tmpEVZZmydebbindiff/flasm_1.62-7.debian.tar
> Desired:
> flasm_1.62-6.debian.tar vs.
> flasm_1.62-7.debian.tar

I am not sure what the use case is here.

Without full path for the filenames at the top-level, there is no way to
differentiate a report for two builds of the same source. As this is
debbindiff primary purpose, I must admit I am a bit at loss.

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