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> Hi,
>> So, same result. Which probably means I can reproduce it locally on my
>> laptop as well. Me tries... and gets the same result. So I suppose an (at
>> least) important bug is in order...
> I can also reproduce this with s3ql_2.11.1+dfsg-2.dsc pbuilding for
> jessie.

Alright, I'm at a loss:

$ dget -x 
$ apt-cache policy pbuilder | grep -i installed
  Installed: 0.215+nmu3
$ date
Fri Mar 13 20:29:57 PDT 2015
$ sudo pbuilder --update
$ cd s3ql-2.11.1+dfsg/
$ pdebuild
# Some tests will try to create log files in OME
mkdir -p debian/tmphome
HOME=/tmp/buildd/s3ql-2.11.1+dfsg/debian/tmphome py.test-3 tests/
============================= test session starts ==============================
platform linux -- Python 3.4.2 -- py-1.4.25 -- pytest-2.6.3 -- /usr/bin/python3
collecting ... collected 568 items

tests/t1_backends.py::test_read_write[plain-local] PASSED
tests/t1_backends.py::test_read_write[plain-mock_s3c] PASSED
tests/t1_backends.py::test_read_write[plain-mock_gs] PASSED
tests/t1_backends.py::test_read_write[aes-local] PASSED
tests/t1_backends.py::test_read_write[aes-mock_s3c] PASSED
tests/t1_backends.py::test_read_write[aes-mock_gs] PASSED
dpkg-buildpackage: binary and diff upload (original source NOT included)
I: user script /var/cache/pbuilder/build//4638/tmp/hooks/B90lintian starting

The current package (2.13+dfsg) builds just as fine.


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