Hi Thorsten,

On Montag, 16. März 2015, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Holger Levsen dixit:
> >on jenkins.debian.net we're using pbuilder from wheezy in a wheezy
> >environment
> Do you mean pbuilder from jessie?

no, I ment wheezy.
> >as tests involving network fail
> That’s deliberate. There may be no network access during package build;
> this is a bug in the packages involved. (The earlier versions of the
> patch were not as good, but the version currently in jessie enables
> the loopback interface, which must be enough. Though, /etc/hosts and
> /etc/resolv.conf stuff may need improvement.)

you're on the wrong track, twice at least :)

a.) this is indeed pbuilder 0.213 from wheezy (and not 0.215+nmus which had 
similar bugs...)

b.) this is about localhost networking, which should always work.

(and c.) there should also be a feature to have internet networking during 
package builds, if users of the tool decide so. But this is really besides the 
point here :)


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