control: severity -1 normal
control: retitle -1 cloud-init: building in pbuilder runs tests and fails

Hi Charles,

On Dienstag, 17. März 2015, Charles Plessy wrote:
> it is more complicated than this: the package builds fine with sbuild.

does it run the tests with sbuild too? (I assume not.)
> To what extent do we need to support pbuilder ?  Please adjust the severity
> according to your answer if necessary.

I've just tried to build the package with plain debuild and to my surprise  
didnt execute any tests and build fine.

I currently don't understand why pbuilder runs these tests at all, maybe this 
bug should be reassigned to pbuilder (or, usertag "jenkins".)

I'm also not sure about this from debian/rules:

ifeq (,$(findstring nocheck, $(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
        $(MAKE) test

So when "nocheck" is defined in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS it should run "make test"???

I must be missing something rather obvious... help welcome.


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