to better coordinate our work I think we should do regular team meetings on 
IRC. The schedule should probably be monthly or bi-weekly, feedback much 

But first, please participate in the poll at 


so that we can find a date+time for the first meeting.

I've started to collect the agenda for this meeting as well as a regular 
meeting agenda for each meeting at

https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds/Meetings which currently has:

Agenda for the first meeting, 2015-XX-YY

    discuss todays agenda
    discuss meeting schedule
    decide preliminary meeting schedule
    discuss default agenda
    package/issue updates + r.a.d.o repo state
    rp.d.n updates+issues
    GSoC updates
    any other business
    announce next meeting 

Re-occuring agenda for every meeting (draft)

    announce+discuss todays agenda
    package/issue updates
    rp.d.n updates+issues + r.a.d.o repo state
    GSoC updates
    check all action-items from the previous meeting
    any other business
    announce next meeting 

Each meeting should last at maximum 60min, so usually for most topics there 
will be much time for discussions, rather either someone can give a status 
update or a pointer or the topic will be turned into an action item for 
someone(s) to do or discuss after the meeting. (well, with 10 topics we have 6 
minutes per topic on average, so we can have some short discussions 

;tl;dr: Please participate in https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/r6vub5gm/ - more 
verbose feedback much welcome too! 


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