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Paul Gevers:
> On 25 May I uploaded a version of fpc in the hope that I solved several
> reproducible build issues. I was greatly surprized to see that several
> issues that I patched were still present in the latest
> reproducible-builds run. To prevent several timestamp issues, I use
> "date --date=${date_from_debian_changelog}" to replace the traditional
> timestamp. However, this did not work on your builds. Have you
> overloaded date such that this doesn't work anymore?

First, welcome to the fun! :)

The tests are vayring the timezone. So plain `date` will give different
result depending on the value of TZ for most format strings. Using
`date --utc` should solve the problem.

Feel free to look for a good place in the wiki to add this information
if it's useful to you.

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