On 05/06/15 04:19, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> On Thu 2015-06-04 21:51:37 -0400, Brendan O'Dea wrote:
>> Local times, and daylight savings are just too much of a PITA.  Just
>> use UTC and if builds on the first of the month are possibly different
>> to the changelog, so be it.
> I agree with Brendan here.
> If there are no objections to the idea that we're sticking with ISO-8601
> in UTC, preferably with the Z suffix (e.g. 2015-06-05T01:08:20Z) then we
> just need to settle on what the right name is.

If we're going to mandate that it ends with Z, might I suggest that we add 
"UTC" or "_UTC" to the variable name? It leaves the option open in the future 
that we might allow TZ offsets.

Note that the TZ offsets mentioned in ISO8601 and the other RFC standards are 
not "time zones" or "local times" that are subject to DST. They are *fixed 
offsets*, and don't require extra context (such as the TZ database) to parse 
correctly. So it would be less of a PITA than you might think.

> Lunar^, you'd mentioned that there had been discussions about a
> preferred variable name that you might like better than SOURCEDATE.
> Any preference?
> Where should we document this?

Holger had previously suggested to me to put it on a subpage in the 
reproducible builds section on the Debian Wiki, and I agree that would be a 
good place.



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