On Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015, Andrew Ayer wrote:
> That said, I'm now concerned about how strip-nondeterminism interacts
> with the package-contains-timestamped-gzip tag.  At some point after
> package-contains-timestamped-gzip was first proposed, we reproducible
> builds folks decided that instead of eliminating timestamps, we should
> normalize them with the time from the first entry in debian/changelog,
> to satisfy developers who like timestamps.  That means that timestamped
> gzips aren't bad, as long as the timestamp is reproducible.
> Other reproducible folks, is this still our position on timestamps?

I'd say so, yes.

> If
> so, what should become of package-contains-timestamped-gzip?

not sure, either it should be removed or do we have cases where such 
timestamps get modified by timezone?


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